The News You Need To Know

Since Mr. Epstein was arrested in Early July 2019, I’ve been consulting the Drudge page for information, but I don’t think I’ve read anything about his behaviour, associates and victims that I hadn’t been informed of in 2015. All of the important people who’ve been reported as having been complicit in his activities full of self righteous shock continue to vociferously deny participating.

Even the charge that Mr. Trump had once threatened the woman pursuing legal redress of Epstein seems to have dissipated with her recent statement that neither Trump nor Clinton had been intimate with her.

Tired of these repetitive and uninforming reports, I’ve been turning to online searches for information by putting his name, Epstein, in the search box of my browser. Again the same old opinions and reports appear today August 13, 2019; one undated with the caption “4 hours ago” from displays two large pictures of Mr. Epstein one of Epstein’s profile with two other heads like a postal pic that I’ve seen so often that I could draw it from visual memory if I’d wanted to and another of him and the villainous Trump who appears too youthful for me to recognize without his name printed with the photo.