For the past 20 years or so whenever I walk onto my front porch I’m being watched by a neighbour’s techno device. And when I tread the pavement across the road a few doors down, lights flash on like a scene from a jail break movie. Whenever I stand in a Toronto subway exit I’m informed that I’m being watched in accordance with a province of Ontario law. And not too many years ago media informed that police were given video recorders. I remember little more than 2 years ago someone got shot in front of their residence and a video camera showed several people hurrying away which made me think they were the likely shooters. And those cameras that were supposed to be trained on Mr. Epstein’s cell weren’t facing the right way.

This morning Toronto’s mayor and Ontario’s premier were on television talking about gangs and gun violence and how the premiere would be contributing three million dollars worth of video cameras to combat the problem.