“Pro Democracy”

After the “pro democracy” movement in the Middle East they’re still talking about “pro democracy” today in Hong Kong: the coup is consolidating.


“President Trump Will Resign in 2019, Former Bush Adviser Predicts: Here’s Why

Alan J. Steinberg predicted that while there are not enough Congressional votes to remove Trump, he will resign in 2019 to avoid prosecution By Maria Pasquini” January 05, 2019 01:18 PM

Whistle Blower

The expression whistle blower has been printed and voiced often in the last few months. When I first started being made aware of it I thought it was a colloquialism, a metaphoric expression that people use to poetically draw attention to something untoward happening in the work place, like the image of someone blowing a police whistle to get help in an emergency.

I still am not used to it. It doesn’t exist in my 1991 Oxford Dictionary, where whistle for and whistle-stop are the only expressions included after the main entry for whistle.

I did a search for its legal definition online to learn that it does seem to have a legal justification. All that I recall is that the whistle blower law seemed to be made to draw attention to anyone dishonestly adding to government expenses. Before that I used to think a whistle blower simply snitched on someone in any workplace and had the right to do so without retribution, but I always felt that there must have been a more legally accurate formal term to express the notion embodied in whistle blower.

And recently, maybe today even, because I haven’t heard that the whistle blower is drawing attention to unnecessary government or even business spending, she/ he seems like a researcher providing research to the political opponents of his employer.

A Special Relationship:NASA- Media

“NASA astronaut says we need a shield around the world, before it’s too late”

This warning came from the UK’s Daily Star. None of the current NASA stories I checked said anything that the NASA astronaut said. I guess anyone could have said it.

Another header from the same UK Daily Star says something about NASA’ s altering ISS food supplies when UFOS appear.

“US government ‘forces NASA to cut ISS feed when UFOs appear for national security'”

But NASA says they stopped watching UFOS some years ago.

The article about UFOS and food includes a mention of the belief that government has been hiding the discovery of extra terrestrials. I guess that’s why there are MEN IN BLACK keeping them in line.

Acid Rain to Global Warming/Climate Change

I sometimes forget that news disseminators are doing what they’ve been accused of doing since 1941 in the movie Citizen Cane. But what they are now doing is more profound than simply making it difficult to obtain  objective characterizations of political figures and public concerns; and those concerns used to be called problems, difficulties that need practical solutions; now the word problem has been replaced by issue. A practical term implying something that has a solution has become a word that implies discussion so that when we read that something needs to be talked about, or is finally being talked about we are encouraged to feel a sense of accomplishment never thinking that what we’ve been told now will  dissolve into another issue then return in another generation as a bright new issue; though states of affairs that really concern us are never confronted but keep recurring  as issues in media depicted political messages. I read that in our recent federal election in Canada and President Obama’s second term a major issue was climate change/global warming, though I recall hearing Canada’s party leaders offering to spend and borrow   to  satisfy the wants of supporters, but nothing about conservation or physical improvements sometimes just the media words climate change and the metaphor green while our air grows smoggier and those tiny lawn signs warning of the presence of chemicals that kill weeds keep appearing on lawns. Even Canada’s Green party seemed caught up in voicing general issues such as employment more than environmental ones. And on my street despite a hydro rate   increase post election, meant according to media to limit hydro use; porch lights still blaze under streetlamps.

I have recently come to believe that the do nothing complaint directed at politicians and voiced by some citizens as an excuse for not voting  is the result of people’s real concerns needing thoughtful planning and determination being turned into issues, topics presented for debate in headlines of articles floating through generations.