“Change” & the State

I remember when former president Obama’s campaign promise was “change”, the “change” that could be believed in that voters have yearned for but have never got. He knew that the word “change” was beloved by everyone because most people believed that “change” resembled the horn of plenty. But real “change” frightens almost everyone: when inquiring about the cause of illness the ancient historian Herodotus said that he believed that illness was caused by “change”. Today almost everyone who says anything about politics hates President Trump -“Trump Haters” – because he threatens to “change” how things are done in the “deep state”- the state – bureaucracy that fears the temporary demands that may be put upon them every election period by disrupting officials who do not understand how things are done. Those whose work days follow procedures for keeping government functioning smoothly fear that anyone not initiated in its ways could be a tyrannical outsider demanding that they perform their duties his way.