Early in television reports about the coronavirus 19 I began wondering why our 24 hr. news station CP24 made no effort to discuss coronavirus 19 in context with the 2019-2020 flue season which CDC says extends from October till May as is typical for the yearly flu.

I became alarmed whenever I thought of this fact because I began feeling that those responsible for television commentary about the coronavirus 19 either did not fully understand the disease they were giving advise about especially since its symptoms, according to a John Hopkins article, were identical to this seasons flu, and because people who had the flu might think they have coronavirus 19, for both diseases breathing difficulty is central. Yesterday (March 26,2020) I read online of one such case. If I am accurately recalling what I read; I believe it was written under a header saying doctors were saying -surprisingly – that ER rooms have been recently under populated. To illustrate this perception an anecdote is given about a mother concerned about her son’s chronic breathing problems who kept putting off going to a hospital because he feared he either would be diagnosed as suffering from coronavirus 19 or that he might catch it.

This flu season’s hospitalizations have increased in the week of March 14-21.

CDC says that as of March 14 and March 21, 2020, for the 2019-2020 flu season in USA,

“The overall cumulative hospitalization rate was 65.1 per 100,000 population[March 14, 2020], which is higher than all recent seasons at this time of year except for the 2017-18 season. “

 On March 21, 2020 the hospitalization rate was “67.3 per 100,000 population”.

Politics and Health Care

I’ve been seeing things online about our new heroes being Health Care personalities; On Cp24 I keep seeing that grim faced lady from England, a Canadian health care official keeping us up to date on the increasing threat of coronavirus 19, and on a conservative website I read a comment from someone in Ohio wondering why a health care official had ordered business shut downs and not Ohio’s governor. And when I opened my browser I saw an article saying President Trump would restart the US economy despite his health department.

Maybe the reports of President Trump’s and Dr Fauci’s ongoing disagreements are symbolic of a broader conflict between politics and the world’s health organizations.


The CDC has been recording the progress of the 2019 – 2020 flu in USA which began in October 2019 and rises to March 2020 in a steep grade that looks very much like the one John Hopkins shows with its updates of cases through out the world of the coronavirus 19.

Why hasn’t CDC or WHO explained the coronavirus 19 cases in the context of the influenza data?  The  progress of the 2019-2020 flu in the USA is given in the foll0wing CDC  graph. Influenza cases started in October 2019 and reach the top of a steep rise in March like the slope currently appearing in John Hopkins graph of the coronavirus 19.

To date during the current period there have been”38,000,000-54,000,000″, 38 million – 54 million illnesses recorded in the USA and “23,000 -59,000” deaths from flu in the USA.