Podcasts are often bad rhetoric.

Anyone with something important to say will want to do their utmost to communicate that thought as effectively as possible. Based on their understanding of how difficult it is to write a real thought, they will edit their reasoning and the rhetorical means of explaining their thought  painstakingly. Advertisements

The Follower

I read online not too long ago, to my surprise, that people paid for online followers. And just a few weeks ago I experienced the truth of that fact. For a number of years I’ve been getting “garage band” recordings onto my PC via “sound cloud” and keeping them there as private. But because my … More The Follower

Globe versus nation

I finally put a Google search in for “law versus human rights” to see what the experts might have put online. Most files seemed to stress a citizen’s rights before the law or attempts to define human rights. So I’ll go back to my old naive view that western laws are based on the moral … More Globe versus nation

Talk About Baloney

“In Canada’s Grocery Carts, a Boycott U.S.A. Movement Starts Rolling”​ (WSJ) I’ve been trying for years to put Canadian-grown produce in my cart; but over the years US and South American produce has all but replaced foods grown hear in Canada. Even prices have gotten other worldly if you can find something grown here, like … More Talk About Baloney