Do journalists know science or are they just kidding?

I read something in the Drudge Report on July 26, 2019 quoting a journalist relieved that an asteroid did not wipe out a city reminding me of the following words on the NASA site written in August 2015 about predictions of an asteroid striking earth in September of 2015. “.., NASA’s Near-Earth Object Observations Program … More Do journalists know science or are they just kidding?

Jupiter, Saturn & Mars

CBC or CTV television says you can see the planet Jupiter on Monday, June 10, 2019. Jupiter and Saturn do not appear just one day. If they are visible they will be easy to see for weeks if not months. For a number of years Jupiter has appeared from the East close to the zenith. … More Jupiter, Saturn & Mars

Media makes NASA seem scary.

NASA, media’s favourite scary US government agency, is again appealed to as the authority for a scary prediction. Last week UK newsmakers on Drudge warned of asteroids coming dangerously near earth over the weekend (while we Canadians celebrated Remembrance Day) that the NASA online site seemed unaware of; this week “ “on Drudge there’s another … More Media makes NASA seem scary.

Let’s get scared #2

Another UK news maker, The Mirror, on Drudge Report is reporting NASA’s warning of asteroids coming dangerously near earth. But when I checked the online NASA site “” I saw only ad-like images of NASA projects. Three asteroids will fly dangerously close to Earth this weekend, NASA warns…