Media makes NASA seem scary.

NASA, media’s favourite scary US government agency, is again appealed to as the authority for a scary prediction. Last week UK newsmakers on Drudge warned of asteroids coming dangerously near earth over the weekend (while we Canadians celebrated Remembrance Day) that the NASA online site seemed unaware of; this week “ “on Drudge there’s another … More Media makes NASA seem scary.

Let’s get scared #2

Another UK news maker, The Mirror, on Drudge Report is reporting NASA’s warning of asteroids coming dangerously near earth. But when I checked the online NASA site “” I saw only ad-like images of NASA projects. Three asteroids will fly dangerously close to Earth this weekend, NASA warns…

N.A.S.A. is the “best agency to work for”.

…N.A.S.A. is ranked as the best agency to work for the fifth year in a row, its employees remaining bullish even in years when government shutdowns battered budgets and paychecks…( Yeh! But why does N.A.S.A. keep discovering water on Mars. Whose “battered” “paycheck” paid to get the English speaking media world wide to tell us … More N.A.S.A. is the “best agency to work for”.

So long Orion

April 8, 2015 Time sure flies. We’re now about 3 weeks into spring, more than seven months since August 12, 2014. Winter’s huge constellation Orion and his dogs little Procyon and big Sirius are heading east past the zenith making way for Scorpius and Sagittarius arriving from the east near the lake. A few nights … More So long Orion