Will heads roll ?

Is the person who put that “Heads Will Roll” caption on the Drudge page kidding; or do they know identifieable DOJ people who were responsible for improprieties that led to Mr. Epsteins death? They may not be aware that when heads start rollin’ there comes a chain of rolling heads as unstoppable as dominoes or … More Will heads roll ?

Do they say what they mean?

Why do public figures keep apologizing? They never used to. Have they all been so lacking in good judgement that they didn’t understand what they were saying, not knowing that apologies are for accidents like unintentionally stepping on somebody’s toe not for negating ones own intentional judgements about a social or political state of affairs.

The Epstein Problem

In addition to Mr. Trump’s much discussed bankruptcies I’ve always believed that his and Mr. Clinton’s friendship with Mr. Epstein posed a greater difficulty than his orange colour. ‘ Tim O’Brien‏Verified account @TimOBrien Follow Follow @TimOBrien More Tim O’Brien Retweeted Tim O’Brien “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to … More The Epstein Problem