Jimmy Carter, former U.S.A. Democrat president; was once quoted to have said, before Republican candidate Trump had become President Trump, that Mr. Trump was malleable (shapeable). When I first became aware of candidate Trump’s association with the military, and now President Trump with a Las Vegas donor, I’m wondering if Mr. Carter may have been … More

Choosing Mr McCabe

As of May 14, 2017 I’ve seen two online articles listing acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe as a person President Trump might select as FBI Director to replace Mr. Comey. Two articles presumably by Republican leaning online journals are against the president’s considering McCabe as FBI Director; one journal even charges that choosing McCabe would … More Choosing Mr McCabe

Assistant Director McCabe

Whenever I peeked at my CP24 television screen captions, Deputy FBI Director McCabe was reported to have contradicted something that President Trump had said about his reasons for firing Director Comey, and the seriousness of the FBI’s investigation of Russian election skullduggery. Ever since I read about Mr. McCabe’s wife’s election campaign being funded by … More Assistant Director McCabe