Rule of Law/Belief

  I published what follows soon after the president’s executive order(s) seeking a pause in re-admitting citizens from 7 Middle East nations were halted by a judge who said he was performing his constitutional duty by halting the application of the president’s executive order because of the U.S. constitution’s guarantee of equal rights. Amendment 14, … More Rule of Law/Belief

After President Trump’s February 16, 2017 Televised Press Briefing

Today is February 17, 2017. I’ve had 2 weeks to digest everything that’s been promulgated about President Trump’s executive order banning people from the 7 countries that the Obama administration had carefully considered places where terrorism was exported from. I’ve also heard that the president had wanted a one month warning period before the ban … More After President Trump’s February 16, 2017 Televised Press Briefing

Toronto’s Population

WATCH: Torontonians protest Trump’s travel ban at U.S. consulate I regularly use public transit in the Greater Toronto area. Many of my fellow travelers, the majority perhaps, are those media call visible minorities. There are cameras watching  subway riders which I think should be played for Toronto’s public to see whether or not the faces … More Toronto’s Population