Time & Timelessness

Thoughts central to Shakespeare’s sonnets are beauty, procreation, nature and time. Personal beauty overcomes the ravages of time by procreation, “Die single and thy image dies with thee.”(sonnet 3) “For never-resting time leads summer on/To hideous winter and confounds him there;”(Sonnet 5) In the twentieth century T.S. Elliot sees time as a static mental construct, … More Time & Timelessness


The spell that clears the mind Draws the dreamer back Earthward, sun-sprayed Defined by brick and leaf And the veil they make i’ the sun In the hush as grass waves; And all that’s disregarded returns From under the shadow of forgetfulness.

Mama’s Pizza

I see a Mama’s Pizza sign up ahead . And I wonder who the real mama is And what kinda pizza she’d make? And there’s a picture of mama Right there up on the sign Kinda 50’s hair, Sorta broad slightly smilin’ face, Class of Ernest Borgnine maybe. But I can’t stop thinkin’ What kinda … More Mama’s Pizza