Change, Robots, and a more affordable Labour Pool

I keep hearing that people lose jobs because of advances in technology: shiny metal robots are replacing working class muscle and female allure. Change is everywhere so rapid that humans can’t keep up and pretty girls fall to the wayside; North American auto makers like GM lose market share to makers from Japan and  Korea. … More Change, Robots, and a more affordable Labour Pool

Red Buttons/Obedience

Little red buttons in a row adorn little faces. Oblivious it seems to the regimented symbolism of those little red emblems placed neatly across the screen like crosses in memory of names lost in forgotten battles. Plastic poppies obediently placed in electronic fields under little faces.

Non Sense

My old computer was scarcely invasive like this new one with sales traps and phishing nets behind each bright “try me” icon, beckoning like Snow White’s apple. Outside old autumn declines as sun falls under rain clouds, and  my mindless new  computer asks when winter ends.


Last Toronto municipal election day: October 27, 2018,  I got a surprise telephone call from Judi Jansen asking about Scott Cushnie and Gene MacLellan;  whose name has never shown up in online searches but whose presence has been central to Canada’s early Rock and Blues, who comes to mind whenever I hear Jan Haust’s historical … More Judi

Judging the Judge

“Fake news” is now a global rage. But this newly popularized phrase though unverifiable  and so meaningless, reminds that news consumers are inherently dependent on what media people say. The Ford Kavanaugh  saga, that at first seemed a conflict of opposing testimonies,  now seems  a tale of dueling minds told by verbal fighters who’ve been … More Judging the Judge