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Time & Timelessness

Thoughts central to Shakespeare’s sonnets are beauty, procreation, nature and time. Personal beauty overcomes the ravages of time by procreation, “Die single and thy image dies with thee.”(sonnet 3) “For never-resting time leads summer on/To hideous winter and confounds him … Continue reading

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The Social System

In Canada, Ontario, I Believe the word “systematic” has begun appearing in captions of our local weather and sports television channel. The word has come up in complaints about the public school system. The expression “middle class” has been a … Continue reading

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Toronto’s Population

WATCH: Torontonians protest Trump’s travel ban at U.S. consulate I regularly use public transit in the Greater Toronto area. Many of my fellow travelers, the majority perhaps, are those media call visible minorities. There are cameras watching  subway riders which … Continue reading

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Haves=Educated Women, Have Nots=Blue Collar Men

Educated women pose big problem for Donald Trump in key suburbs Philadelphia’s suburbs have far more voters than blue-collar communities, and women there appear to loathe the Republican nominee. By Daniel DaleWashington Bureau Sun., Sept. 4, 2016 Things are getting … Continue reading

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Mind Shaping Media Topics

Media topics become public issues especially as characterizations of people and predictions about political outcomes. These media hammered topics about race, colour, gender, education and sometimes religious affiliation are repeated as though they are what truly concerns its readers and … Continue reading

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Sacrifices and Trades Reviewing a TVO Big Ideas dicussion on Sunday some years ago, I was puzzled by a reference to the idea of sacrifice. I recall that the speaker had drawn attention to the fact that the meaning of … Continue reading

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The Hipster and His Jazz Lingo

As warmer summer-like weather approaches broadcasters tell of imminent jazz festivals. But my first understanding of the term jazz is of bebop jazz; that music whose rhythms flew to the stratosphere and that drummers punctuated with bass drum bombs, its … Continue reading

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