Christian Morality

The Roman Catholic church began as a political institution guided by Christianity’s moral code that champions spirit over flesh. Its universal political character is abstracted from the organization and administration of the Roman Empire, a worldly empire transmuted into a transnational spiritual order.  This duality has been in conflict since its earliest days: appointment of … More Christian Morality


I ‘d begun questioning the endless television coverage of the victims of mass killings that made the killer and his motives disappear. So this morning my television informed me that the pope was going to Ireland to console 8 victims of  apparent clerical lust. Then I saw an article online about the pope being asked … More Religion

Dick Taters

A short while ago I’s bin read’ n that Pres Trump was ignorin’ his chief of staff and would fire him, Mr. Kelly that is. And about  when the good general, chief of  staff, signed up for one more go round after months of guesses that he’s bin cling in’ by’z  toe nails to get to … More Dick Taters

Europe 2018

When I saw that online image of those male Nazi revivalists. one pretending to look like Hitler shouted at by an anti Nazi male-female group on Sunday in  Germany, Europe’s economic engine, I realized that this appeal to voyeuristic appetite is what journalists think is newsworthy and not the story of Europe that it symbolizes.

Since Mr. Trump stuck his neck out not to say “Your fired!”, but vote for me, media characterizations continue to brand him with every personal offence including his hair style; most positive reports of him come from Fox media which I discount as no less biased than the ones Mr. Limbaugh refers to as “drive … More