Stocks Real Estate and Bonds

Having read Brendan Brown’s book about asset price inflation, I can’t stop thinking about rising stock prices; and in Toronto, Ontario, Canada house price increases that would be impossible for me or any of my acquaintances to afford the over $3000. per month mortgage fee needed  in my neighbourhood to maintain the average-priced $750000. town, … More Stocks Real Estate and Bonds

Fearing President Trump

Opinion Let us hope for a Donald Trump disaster If Trump’s success transfers from politics to governing, his dark and guttural ways will become entrenched By Scott Reid, for CBC News Posted: Jan 23, 2017 5:00 AM ETLast Updated: Jan 23, 2017 8:34 AM ET  Scott Reid Scott Reid is a principal at the communications consultancy … More Fearing President Trump

I just noticed that the post about Mr. George and Pen West that I wrote in August 2014 was viewed a couple of times this May 2016. For me its importance was that it was about the man who eliminated Canada’s crown corporation Petro Canada by purchasing it for Suncor. Part of the deal was for … More

The Good Old Days

Now that Mr. Trump’s fooled those who’ve been embarrassing themselves trying to embarrass him and his supporters, the real Mr. Trump is emerging, the man whose society is high society. To “make America great again” he’ll let his society keep more of what they want, money, and let the tax-free poor be happily employed for … More The Good Old Days

Infrastructure Anyone

I wrote what follows just about when President Obama was celebrating the most expensive inauguration in American history. I had been hearing him talking about reviving the U.S. economy by spending money on infrastructure which today keeps being offered in Canada as a way of improving Canada’s economy. But as usual no one but Donald … More Infrastructure Anyone

Tar Sands Media Mystery

Originally posted on Deremigi's Blog:
April 18, 2014 Since I published “Oil By Train Or Pipe”inspired by an email from the U.S. Energy Administration, some times identified by the acronym EIA, a slew of Nobel Laureates that included former president Carter was reported to have admonished Mr. Obama, the current U.S president not to…