mystification of math

Ever since I got my new computer 9 months ago whenever I enter a search term I am asked the square root of 256. Square Root, the ubiquitous phrase that mystifies math by letting you write just two digits instead of three; 16 squared instead of 256; 10 squared instead of 100, etc.

Red Buttons/Obedience

Little red buttons in a row adorn little faces. Oblivious it seems to the regimented symbolism of those little red emblems placed neatly across the screen like crosses in memory of names lost in forgotten battles. Plastic poppies obediently placed in electronic fields under little faces.

Non Sense

My old computer was scarcely invasive like this new one with sales traps and phishing nets behind each bright “try me” icon, beckoning like Snow White’s apple. Outside old autumn declines as sun falls under rain clouds, and  my mindless new  computer asks when winter ends.

Genie’s outa da bottle.

“In defining speech, Obama takes down Trump, his politics and enablers; warns of ‘dire’ consequences of not voting “ Times a beena changin’ for a long time; but the intelligentsia didn’t notice. Too cozy I guess.