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‘Steve Jobs: “People Don’t Read Anymore.”‘ The above was a response to a search for “Do people read?” a search based on my belief that fewer people read books. The first set of responses I got were that reading has … Continue reading

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Education  Horace at lines 56 to 100 of his 6’th satire of book 1 tells of how his father, a former slave, ensured his mental and moral education.

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Education and Equality

After I’d put the “Free Tuition” post up I realized that linking minorities to community colleges in the Democrat draft (if U.S. community colleges are like Canada’s and those proliferating private colleges) offensive. …We will make community college free, while ensuring … Continue reading

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Media and The American Constitution

In recent months I’ve noticed virulent criticism of media expressed by Republican candidates for president of the United States and echoed by online comments; so everyone knows that few like the media, or Donald Trump; so say online media. Recently … Continue reading

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Today as I searched out the latest on ISIS I came upon a linked article dated June 11, 2015 that repeats that axiom of recent history “Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” expressing a belief that scarcely anyone with … Continue reading

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Aftermath of the TDSB Review

February 6, 2015 Since the January 15. 2015 televised press conference about the Review of the Toronto District School Board by Ontario’s Ministry of Education that followed the Ernst and Young forensic audit of the board, I continue to be … Continue reading

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January 27, 2015 corrected February 9 On January 15, I turned on my television and saw Ontario’s Minister of Education and  the former registrar of Ontario College of Teachers another government member addressing journalists on the occasion of the publishing of … Continue reading

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