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A Recent Election In France

The lead up to the second round of voting in France’s election got a lot of attention on Toronto television. And today a caption on BNN, Canada’s business station, is saying that the Euro currency rose to celebrate the apparent … Continue reading

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A “Gift that Keeps on Giving”

Since President Clinton completed his second term I’ve been aware of a rumour that he’d wanted to get back in the Whitehouse and that his wife may have been his ticket to return. In her recent campaign Mrs Clinton was … Continue reading

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An Important Election

I read something online attributed to Clint Eastwood movie actor turned politician once mayor of Carmel California who apparently said  without, offering his support, that Donald Trump might be “onto something”, and that he himself unlike Mrs. Clinton who made … Continue reading

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Categorizing Voters

I read an online article yesterday (August 22, 2016) that suggested that though Mr. Trump’s supporters have been identified as men who have lost jobs to current free trade arrangements, he is better received in areas where people are still … Continue reading

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