Fear may petrify the will to act: checkmate, perceived in a causal string of acts leading to a hypothetical futility.

“petrify” turn to stone, paralyze


Someone just read my old post from September 2017 responding to the media doom watchers predictions about doomsday:

“Doomsday Rescheduled: ‘Researcher’ Moves End Of The World To October

September 25, 2017 1:19 PM”

I was wondering whether the researcher is a scientist or just a clairvoyant journalist. Or maybe it’s just fake news.

Stop Talking

This whistle-blower stuff is a new creation that used to represent someone complaining about being mistreated in the workplace; often those who feared complaining came to be represented by an impersonal whistle-blower an identity that’s become institutionalized and taken over by the silent minority establishment feared by a large majority of citizens whose precarious existence depends on their not speaking up and complaining.

Sometimes that majority used to believe their actions were limited by networks of people of common association sharing economic power and limiting social control to those fortunately born into the minority establishment.

The great majority gave the epithet prejudice to certain individuals managing that system. For years the words prejudice and bigotry seemed common. But one day those words were replaced by a less colloquial term, racism, a word that carried more weight in its impreciseness and could be hurled at the enemy like a thunderbolt.

Now whistle-blower, reminiscent of the plebian tribune; born of the fearful voiceless majority is subsumed by the fearless vocal minority and like racism has increased in atomic abstractness and weaponized to silence the fearful.

Always visit NASA

“Recommended by NASA


https://www.nasa.gov/vision/space/travelinginspace/no_ufo.html NASA does not track or research Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s). See this link for a UFO that wasn’t.”

There have been online anxiety inspiring media reports of asteroids and now unidentified alien craft seen by a NASA observer; but on the NASA site you may read as above: “NASA does not track or research Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s).”

Alabama Dorian & President Trump

Can anyone explain the animated video images sent to President Trump from August 28, 2019 to September 2 of what looks like a hurricane path that might touch the south east corner of the state of Alabama and why those images have become the basis of an uproar among academics, weather forecaster unions, journalists and President Trump when on, Friday September 6, 2019, a fearful underling stuck his/her head out and said that the images exist as evidence that the president was not crazy in warning that Dorian might touch as far west as Alabama?


“Last year in San Diego, Sharon said she was 100 percent for Trump, but when I told her Trump’s health-care bill would allow her son’s insurance company to stop covering him because he has a serious preexisting condition, she seemed to stop breathing for a moment. “I had no idea,” she gasped. “I can’t let that happen.”

Above is Ms. Fonda’s reported door knocking experience attempting to change people’s attitudes toward politics “one person at a time”

And some time back Mr. Trump, the president, warned if people don’t vote for him people’s 401 K’s will diminish.

Fearful darkness on the left and fearful darkness on the right could petrify people so that they don’t vote,”one person at a time”.


For the past 20 years or so whenever I walk onto my front porch I’m being watched by a neighbour’s techno device. And when I tread the pavement across the road a few doors down, lights flash on like a scene from a jail break movie. Whenever I stand in a Toronto subway exit I’m informed that I’m being watched in accordance with a province of Ontario law. And not too many years ago media informed that police were given video recorders. I remember little more than 2 years ago someone got shot in front of their residence and a video camera showed several people hurrying away which made me think they were the likely shooters. And those cameras that were supposed to be trained on Mr. Epstein’s cell weren’t facing the right way.

This morning Toronto’s mayor and Ontario’s premier were on television talking about gangs and gun violence and how the premiere would be contributing three million dollars worth of video cameras to combat the problem.