Saudi Deals

Anyone, me for instance, who saw those television captions blaring 300 billion dollars in deals made in the kingdom of Saud might have thought that those deals were the result of President Trump’s first trip abroad to make America “great again”. When I woke up this morning those deals sent to oblivion by captions informing … More Saudi Deals

Yesterday all my Canadian television stations: CTV.- BNN. and CBC gave non-stop coverage to President Trump’s giving classified information to visiting Russian officials. With today’s endless list of  online world-media headers announcing the Comey memo documenting the president’s request that Comey stop the Flynn Russia enquiry, I had some difficulty recollecting yesterday’s Russia Trump news. … More

Where is Canada?

Like the United States Canada, land of The Consumer – Traveler enticed by world marketers may not exist as a nation. In his recent visit to India Canada’s Defence minister is accused of being a Sikh nationalist – Sikh nationalism,  associated with Canadian soldiers 2 1/2 years ago in Canada’s The National Post, not Canadian … More Where is Canada?

Who really done it and what did they really do?

Online I’ve read that Mr. Woodward thinks that leakers of the masked could go to jail and Mr. Bernstein thinks President Trump could be removed from office because of information surreptitiously gleaned by leakers’ associates. And ten hours ago, and 4 hours ago; thank’s to Mr Lebedev’s ever generous British media group, the  Independent: John … More Who really done it and what did they really do?

Russian Connections Investigations

I’m publishing this in connection with my “Uranium Deal” reblog of March 3, 2015. I got it from the right wing Drudge Report‘s link to Infowars Flashback: Numerous Dems, Obama Also Met with Russian Ambassador President Trump calls for investigation into Schumer, Pelosi’s Russian ties Adan Salazar | – March 3, 2017