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I just saw the question why did Obama have to take out Flynn. I am aware that Obama and Flynn disagreed about how to deal with Turkey. General Flynn opposes Islam and Turkey’s leader Erdogan has given Turkey an Islamic government. But after an unsuccessful revolution to secularize that government Erdogan sought to have Gulen who he believes led that secularist rebellion returned to Turkey from the United States. Obama apparently refused to send Gulen back to Turkey, but Flynn in consulting on behalf of Turkey has been willing to assist in Gulen’s return.

Could this be why Obama had to take out Flynn?

Waiting for Democracy/Pluralism

Mr. Mulroney wants Canada to rethink its relationship with China: make Canada great again. Must have been a mistake to let China manufacture for us. Now we’ll have to rebuild our manufacturing facilities.

But there are still laissez fairers willing to await natures course to democracy like Karl Marx and his scientific pal Engels predicting the evolutionary scientific inevitability of communism(not Marxism).


“… Canada need not give up on China as a place where pluralism and democracy will one day help its people rule themselves.

In years gone by, North American economic sanctions may have had the clout to pressure even large countries into adjusting their policies. It is implausible to think that China, with an economy that the IMF says is still growing — while Canada, the U.S. and Europe will shrink about eight per cent this year — will be pressured.

That will be the job of its own people.” Don Pittis CBC News

Resigned or Fired

I’ve been concerned about General Flynn since I became aware of his existence in 2017 about the time President Trump at a press conference was asked why the general had departed from his post as national security adviser to the president. At the time Mr. Trump’s pleasant, matter of fact response to questions about general Flynn’s departure, saying that he fired him because of incorrect information he’d given to Vice President Pence about contacts with a Russian diplomat, made it seem that the president bore no ill will toward Mr. Flynn or anyone else involved in the matter. But the thought of the president’s firing Flynn, a man I later learned had been with him throughout his primary and presidential election campaigns, seemed odd.

About that time I was aware of the view that Mr. Flynn had resigned; in fact that question came up in the press conference which I expected would eventually be settled. But in the months and years that passed any time I sought a definitive answer to the question: was the general fired or did he resign, the question was never settled; most journalist opinion was that the general had resigned with some mention that he had been fired. I always felt that if he’d been fired the reason was hard to fathom especially since the president seemed to accept the outcome without antipathy, eventually asking FBI head Comey to go easy on the general whom they’d arrested for lying.

I then had additional reason for bewilderment, Flynn’s arrest. What did his leaving his position as national security adviser, being fired or having resigned, have to do with his arrest for lying to the FBI which the president was certainly aware of when he asked Comey to go easy on Flynn.

So why did the the FBI charge him with lying? The only answer I could find online for several years was that he’d been set up to lie when he thought he was being informally interviewed and wouldn’t need a lawyer. Yet if this entrapment was a set up why didn’t the president ask more of Comey than just that he go easy on Flynn; why didn’t he demand an explanation of FBI tactics?

Only recently did I learn that Mr. Flynn and his son had been consultants to the government of Turkey.

April 25,2020

In reading General Flynn’s recent letter asking the court to relinquish his guilty plea made to avoid prison and the threatened indictment of his son, he affirms contrary to that original plea that he did not lie when he denied discussing Obama’s sanctions against Russia with the Russian ambassador. He in fact did not recall whether he’d discussed the Obama sanctions.

That same conversation with the Russian ambassador was denied by Flynn when he briefed VP Pence; for this reason Trump said he fired Flynn( asked for his resignation). Flynn, however, said that he resigned because of the fact that that conversation had been leaked to media causing an unwarranted distraction in the early days of the Trump administration.

May 11, 2020

Now that William Barr; United States attorney general, has said there never had been a justifiable reason for the FBI to pursue General Flynn, the time I’ve spent determining why the president reacted so pleasantly to Mr. Comey’s FBI arresting the general,   not demanding  Comey explain why he’d  arrested him or that he himself  had to fire the general for lying to VP Pence instead of saying as he did; he’s a nice guy , “go easy on him”,  I’ve learned  that the only people who care about Flynn’s legal troubles and apparent exoneration by the justice department are Mr. Trump’s most doctrinaire supporters and me.

I still believe that Mr. Flynn’s relationship with Mr. Trump, Mr. Putin and Mr. Erdogan could reveal more about the real President Trump  than has been appearing in 5 years of  mocking media reports.

Drudge Report Versus WhatFinger

‘IT’S ALREADY OUT OF THE BAG’ “(The Drudge Report)

It’s a shame The Drudge Report is so concerned about the Coronavirus ,

nothing yet about the Afghan-US peace agreement signed earlier today.

I like reading but other than the Solomon article about the US-Afghan agreement WhatFinger is full of videos

Taliban/ coronaviris

“U.S. signs historic peace deal with Taliban that could end America’s longest war

President Trump tries to make good on campaign promise to end the 18-year Afghan war, but U.S. warns it will back out if Taliban cheats.”

John Solomon  wrote about the end of America’s longest war in The Hill.

I found Solomon’s article on WhatFinger. So far its been hard to see anything on Drudge through the numerous gigantic fonts conveying the most frightening aspects of  Coronovirus (?). I’ll look again.

No Evidence

“…In defending Trump from accusations that he improperly pressured Ukraine to open investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Republicans have sought to shift the focus onto their claim that Biden conducted foreign policy in order to benefit his son’s business interests in Ukraine, for which there is no evidence.” USA Today; Feb. 5, 2020

The Bomb

The New York Times

“The Choice That’s Coming: An Iran With the Bomb, or Bombing Iran, Philip Gordon and Ariane Tabatabai 7 hrs ago”

North Korea has the bomb.

Media told me that Sunni Iraq was destroyed because it may have had the bomb.

Libya used to have the bomb.

Russia has the bomb.

China has the bomb.

Neighbours Pakistan and India have the bomb.

And USA was the first to have the bomb.

Shouldn’t everyone have the bomb?

The Washington Post

“Trump’s order to kill Soleimani is already starting to backfire”

Druge Report, Jan.6, 2020

On short notice, fast-response force flies to Mideast…
College students panic over fine print about registering for the draft…
Homeland Activates Terrorism Alert Network…
‘Million-strong’ homage for general brings Tehran to standstill…
Emotional Khamenei shows general’s death is personal…
Iraqi Consulate in Detroit to open for condolences in Soleimani death…
Parliament Votes in Favor of Expelling U.S. Troops…
Trump threatens sanctions ‘like they’ve never seen before’…
Doubles down on striking cultural sites…
More rockets hit near embassy in Baghdad…
Arlington National Cemetery on alert after ‘hit list’…
Iran’s Cyber Attack on Billionaire Adelson Provides Lesson…
PELOSI: House to vote on limiting Trump actions…