Canada’s Steel Tariffs

What’s quoted below is dated June 26, 2018. Yet all that’s reported on Canada’s BNN are threats to retaliate against US tariffs on Canadian steel, likely Chinese Steel exported in Canadian products. politics Canada Is Preparing Steel Quotas, Tariffs on China and Others By Natalie Wong and Josh Wingrove June 26, 2018, 12:17 PM EDT … More Canada’s Steel Tariffs

Canada’s Steel Industry

Canada manufactures and exports very little steel. Steel manufactured in Canada is manufactured under the direction of global organizations. Canada sold its steel industry Hudsons Bay, Petro Canada, Tim Hortons and manufacturing companies like Dafasco  years ago. The Steel products that Canada exports comprise steel made and priced by China, the world’s foremost maker and … More Canada’s Steel Industry

Whose Steele: Canada’s Britains or China’s?

The Guardian printed what follows On April 1 2016 when David Cameron was England’s Prime Minister. British politicians have been accused of pandering to China by blocking new tariffs on Chinese imports to the EU, a measure designed to prop up Europe’s struggling steel industry. The tariff move by the People’s Republic is likely to … More Whose Steele: Canada’s Britains or China’s?

What’s real?

All the blubbering I’ve been hearing in Canada about tariffs being imposed on Canada’s steel and aluminum: steel and aluminum that is either imported into Canada or made in Canadian plants controlled by global  entities reminds me that Canada  is a media construct in the global media marketplace.

Canada’s Globally Owned Steel Industry

Despite Canada’s formidable reserves of iron ore, the steel industry in recent decades has shrunk significantly as industrial markets have become increasingly globalized. Today, every remaining steel mill in the country is owned by foreign investors and Canada is a net importer of the manufactured product. (Canadian Encyclopaedia) Steel imported into the U.S.A. from Canada … More Canada’s Globally Owned Steel Industry

Keeping up with the …

For those aware only of the USA’s, France’s and England’s tearful reaction to Syria’s alleged chemical assault of opponents, Macron’s efforts in directing Mr. Trump’s anger should permit a rational analysis of US policy in Syria and the Middle East. For despite its loss of its colonial mandate to Syrian independence, France likely still has … More Keeping up with the …