Keeping up with the …

For those aware only of the USA’s, France’s and England’s tearful reaction to Syria’s alleged chemical assault of opponents, Macron’s efforts in directing Mr. Trump’s anger should permit a rational analysis of US policy in Syria and the Middle East. For despite its loss of its colonial mandate to Syrian independence, France likely still has … More Keeping up with the …

Can anyone at BNN explain about the production and export of aluminum and steel?

Canada is not among the ten top steel and aluminum producers. China ranks #1 and Turkey #10. Canada is a net steel & aluminum importer. But Canada’s Business News Network tells us that Canada exports more steel and aluminum to the U.S. A, than any other country; since Canada has closed down most of its … More Can anyone at BNN explain about the production and export of aluminum and steel?

Who makes steel?

The worst thing about reports about tariffs on steel and aluminum imports to the U.S.A. is the failure of journalists to explain what tariffs on steel and aluminum means. Are tariffs intended for imports of steel and aluminum commodities or products made of steel and aluminum or both? If the tariffs are intended for the … More Who makes steel?

Not Authorized To Speak/Nameless Voices

This is what we know about yesterday’s tariff decisions affecting the importing of Steel and aluminum products into The United States. …Eight administration officials and outside advisers close to the matter described the tariff decision-making process. They declined to be named because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the issue. A White House … More Not Authorized To Speak/Nameless Voices

In 1845 protectionism expired to birth the income tax.

…The budget of 1842 reduced the tariff on some 750 articles, and three years later Peel reduced tariffs still more. Duties on raw materials were mostly abolished and those on manufactured articles were consolidated at a general level of 10 per cent. In these ways the burden of revenue was moved from trade to ordinary … More In 1845 protectionism expired to birth the income tax.

A Command From On High

This morning the news on Canada’s Business News Network in a printed caption, televised like a  neon sign, keeps flashing an admonishment to get cracking on trade from the World Bank and the International Monitary  Fund to elected politicians attending the G 20 meetings amidst anti G20 protests  on Hamburg, Germany’s  streets.