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When Income Taxes Replace Tariffs

In the early years of free trade the income tax was needed to replenish government funds lost with the diminishing of tariff income.   …A proposed tax on imports is central to the GOP plan to lower the overall corporate … Continue reading

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Words that people are afraid to say discipline all speech. Racial/ national epithets are freely hurled among friends. For as long as I can recall the only people who spontaneously said the word “wop” were my mother and a friend. … Continue reading

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Lagarde, Canada’s central bank spokeswoman and England’s central bank decry protectionism. Protectionism: protecting ones self, ones family; ones friends ones country.

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I didn’t vote for staff.

City of Toronto councillors voted 40 to 4 to send the mayor’s motion to privatize Scarborough garbage collection to staff which means that those who were elected to make decisions are deferring to those who weren’t elected. I wonder who … Continue reading

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What’s a socialist?

When I read that Dominic Straus Kahn, head of the world bank and likely president of France before his facing charges of sexual impropriety, and Mr. Sanders having purchased his 3’rd house was among the top 4% of America’s income … Continue reading

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Gold, Bread and The Bible

With journalists attention to Mr. Trump’s favourite Bible passage in mind and the gold price stagnating as bond yields keep falling even after the first federal funds rate rise in some years, a Bible passage from Genesis 47,15 about the … Continue reading

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When War Was a Private Enterprise

March 24, 2015 Yesterday while looking for accounts of Richard III’s funeral, I came across an opinion reacting to a comment that Richard III was the last (English) king to die in battle. Well in them days up ’till 1485 … Continue reading

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