It’s My Party!

Every time I see a header in the Drudge report I check to see who’s sponsoring it. I ignore everything from The New York Times, The  Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, CNN and Breibart.Though some may get me hooked by their header before I think of checking their media sponsor. I also … More It’s My Party!

I’ve started wondering where the racists the media keep writing about are.. … More

Political Parties

When I was growing up everyone hated communists. We used to have a CCF (Canada Comonwealth Federaration) sign on our front lawn during elections, the only one I’d see walking to school and back between Ossington and Dufferin. Maybe there were more CCF supporters than my father; a working man member of the CCF, the … More Political Parties

Genie’s outa da bottle.

“In defining speech, Obama takes down Trump, his politics and enablers; warns of ‘dire’ consequences of not voting “ Times a beena changin’ for a long time; but the intelligentsia didn’t notice. Too cozy I guess.

McCarthyism To Communism

Now that the US and Russia share the international space station, that  the US congress has opened 20% of the country’s uranium stock to Russia through allowing  its purchase of Canada’s Uranium One, that Communist China supplies the world with iphones,  that an incumbant Democrat has been replaced by a communist sympathizer in a New … More McCarthyism To Communism