Looking over the Drudge headlines I spotted one today, July 4, 2017; by Pat Buchanan that questioned whether America exists as a nation anymore reminding me that I’d written something along those lines a while back. “Is America still a nation?” I haven’t read Mr. Buchanan’s article even though I really want to, maybe because … More


Words that people are afraid to say discipline all speech. Racial/ national epithets are freely hurled among friends. For as long as I can recall the only people who spontaneously said the word “wop” were my mother and a friend. I have always felt that among the human beings who would never use the word … More Words


Lagarde, Canada’s central bank spokeswoman and England’s central bank decry protectionism. Protectionism: protecting ones self, ones family; ones friends ones country.

I didn’t vote for staff.

City of Toronto councillors voted 40 to 4 to send the mayor’s motion to privatize Scarborough garbage collection to staff which means that those who were elected to make decisions are deferring to those who weren’t elected. I wonder who those unelected nameless staff people are? CP24 also announced that a study “proved” that 60% of … More I didn’t vote for staff.

What’s a socialist?

When I read that Dominic Straus Kahn, head of the world bank and likely president of France before his facing charges of sexual impropriety, and Mr. Sanders having purchased his 3’rd house was among the top 4% of America’s income earners were both socialists I had to give my head a real shake even though … More What’s a socialist?