Nuclear Energy

On January 11, 2016 we marked the one-year anniversary of your Government’s announcement to operate the Pickering Nuclear facility to 2024. This will allow the facility to provide low-cost electricity to the people of Ontario with numerous benefits both in the Durham/Pickering Region and across Ontario. Pickering provides:

  • Reliable power to 1.5 Million Homes a day around the clock.
  • Low-cost electricity, 37% below the average residential cost.
  • Low-cost electricity will save ratepayers $600 million.
  • Clean energy which avoids 17 million tonnes of greenhouse gases.
  • Innovative healthcare producing 20% of the World’s Cobalt-60.
  • 4,500 jobs in the Durham/Pickering area.

Thank you for your Government’s recognition of the role Pickering will play to 2024 and for your commitment to low-cost, clean, reliable electricity and to jobs and innovation in the Durham and Pickering Region.