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When Income Taxes Replace Tariffs

In the early years of free trade the income tax was needed to replenish government funds lost with the diminishing of tariff income.   …A proposed tax on imports is central to the GOP plan to lower the overall corporate … Continue reading

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Matters, Investigations & Queasiness

This morning I’m again seeing mention of my old March 21, 2017 post titled “Comey Testimony”, which contained a link to a transcript of Mr. Comey’s March 20, 2017 congressional interview. The second Comey testimony that I was aware of … Continue reading

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Does anyone know what’s behind the show?

Today whenever I looked at Canada’s CP24 or BNN television channels, captions such as: Russia definitely hacked Democrat emails, and attempted to influence the United States election in November, 2016; and Mr. Comey was confused about the reasons for his … Continue reading

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Director Comey’s Inaccurate Testimony

“FBI: Director James Comey’s testimony on Clinton aide was inaccurate Jessica Estepa , USA TODAY Published 11:46 a.m. ET May 9, 2017 | Updated 5:43 p.m. ET May 9, 2017″ ,A letter apologizing for the inaccuracy was sent to the … Continue reading

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Democrats like it, but Republicans don’t.

In Canada everyone gets to see a doctor or visit a hospital for free. But doctors no longer visit patients. If you feel sick you are advised to go to the nearest hospital emergency for care. Many health services once … Continue reading

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The Unelected

Sometime in the 1990’s Liberal M.P. John Nunziata resigned from the Federal Liberal government of the time because too many unelected people were wielding power in the Prime Minister’s office. In 2013 Toronto’s mayor was removed a year before his … Continue reading

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I didn’t vote for staff.

City of Toronto councillors voted 40 to 4 to send the mayor’s motion to privatize Scarborough garbage collection to staff which means that those who were elected to make decisions are deferring to those who weren’t elected. I wonder who … Continue reading

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