What’s a socialist?

When I read that Dominic Straus Kahn, head of the world bank and likely president of France before his facing charges of sexual impropriety, and Mr. Sanders having purchased his 3’rd house was among the top 4% of America’s income earners were both socialists I had to give my head a real shake even though … More What’s a socialist?


For me change is a new word and with a new meaning. I can’t recall when I first was forced to give it my thoughts, perhaps when the words prejudiced/biased were replaced by the word racist. And what’s new about the meaning of “change” is its being equated with good. For “change” has throughout recorded … More Change


TUESDAY, 25 DECEMBER, 2007 The Pursuit of Happiness Thomas Gainsborough The Morning Walk . 1785 Hearing presidential candidate, Obama stating that some American business executives are paid many times more in one day than the lowest paid worker earns in a year brought to mind Jane Austen, English novelist of the eighteenth & nineteenth centuries, … More Happiness