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For me the firing or resignation of General Flynn from his National Security post has puzzled me. Recently a search string rekindled that bemusement leading to my learning about a book the general wrote “Field of Fight:..” from which according … Continue reading

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Some years ago I examined paintings in Italy, France and England to observe how painting styles had changed from Roman times to the 20’th century. Ancient and medieval wall paintings were elements of architecture that enhanced buildings with images of … Continue reading

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Java, Genesis, Insurance

I’ve been reading Northrop Frye’s Anatomy of Criticism. This morning a television  news item announced the death of a 146 year old man,our planets oldest person, in a Java village: I couldn’t help but think of the hundreds of years … Continue reading

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Nations of Immigrants

All nations with written histories are nations of immigrants. Roman Italy in prose and poetry was depicted as a nation of settlers from Troy, ancient Greece and immigrants from Gall. In post-Roman Italy,  German, French, Norman, Hungarian, and Spanish immigrants … Continue reading

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“The Times They Are A’Changin'”

Henry VII’  13 year old mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort,  was born about 1441 or 1443 and celebrated her first wedding on January or February 1444 at one or three years of age. That was then: This is now: We preach … Continue reading

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America, Europe, the Pacific and Energy

Consternation about America’s, President Trump’s sympathies for  Russia and Mr. Putin never includes mention of Russia’s and America’s cordial relationship in outer space. And though history means nothing in this age of math, science, surveys and unplagerized copy-cat online news … Continue reading

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Free Trade, Tariffs and the Income Tax

Rereading about the history of  England in the 19’th century, I was reminded of the beginnings of that now famous economic cry “free trade” as imports free of tariffs produced a financial  loss to England’s treasury which  had to be … Continue reading

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