“the Canadian way”

“Scheer’s election slogan undermines the Canadian way “

The above quotation from the Toronto Star in an article dated 1 day ago about the Conservative party of Canada’s leader informed me of “the Canadian way”, a phrase conveying a Canadian attitude that I missed growing up here in “Toronto the good” maybe because in them days having immigrant grandparents, I may not have been as Canadian as Warren Smokey Thomas, © Oksana Kukuruza or their sponsor Microsoft News.

Elm Street

Elm Street has lingered in my mind for as long as I can remember. I can’t recall when it got planted there. After having it in my thoughts for years, rekindled every so often by my mother’s interjections “they’re from Elm Street” about Italians whose origins she knew of, I recently learned that Elm Street riding West from Yonge Street to University Avenue was part of a ghetto-like district known as the Ward where various groups of immigrants had settled since the Victorian era. Till I learned of the Ward I knew only my mother’s reminders without which I don’t think I’d ever have known there was an Elm Street, an Italian immigrant locale other than my father’s Grace and Dundas little Italy, I’d simply have known that Barbarian’s Steak house was off Yonge Street somewhere between Gerard and Dundas, maybe near the Gerard Street village where I used to wander from the old Yorkville village when I’d begun playing drums on “the strip”. In time, through recollections like frames in an old film played backwards, I’ve begun to recall events that were linked by Elm Street which had for years been simply isolated incidents separately memorable but with nothing in common. Now I know that they all touched Elm Street.

My first memory is of a time when I was still young enough to be driven around by my father who once drove to a Victorian style building still standing wrapped in a kind of semicircle round the south west corner of Elm and Bay, just up from the bus depot. I sat in the car and waited until he returned from meeting his brother-in-law, my uncle Tony eventually proprietor of a show club, in that building that probably functioned as a restaurant. Then there was the time years after when Mr. Dave Cooper owner on the Zanzibar insisted on showing me his brand new bar Davy C’s wrapped around the south east corner of Elm and Bay, now a chicken product eatery opposite that other corner building my father visited years ago. Then of course there was Lou Miles clothing store where everyone including Ronnie Hawkins and even Chubby Checker had their suits made on the west side of Yonge round the corner from Elm Street. I just now realize that my uncle’s name Tony Mille, visited by my father at the corner of Bay and Elm, had a surname that resembles Miles. Both names originated in Italy and I think that my uncle may have been born there. And recently I’ve concluded that Frank and Sandy’s barbershop then on the east side of Yonge just up from the Zanzibar not far from Elm and Yonge was likely a kind of Elm Street outgrowth that offered hair cuts and big photographs of actor and athlete celebrities getting their hair cut: by Sandro, Cosimo or Ignatio; whenever they visited the Yonge Street strip.


I’ve started wondering where the racists the media keep writing about are..

With all the talk of racism in the media I’ve started wondering who the racists are. I know there must have been a lot around when I was growing up. There seemed to be a lot of name calling back then with new Canadians getting called D P’s, displaced persons, probably displaced by the war in Europe. My mother born in Peterborough, Ontario said that when she was on a TTC vehicle once   someone, a stranger, called my younger brother a D P. She was really upset about that because my younger brother like my mother, father, myself and siblings were all born here in Canada. And that happened at least 25 years after the second Great War had ended  in 1945 and a little less from when a law was passed in 1947 removing Italians from the undesirable alien immigrant category nearly 60 years after the WWI when my mother’s uncle as a member of Canada’s  military, not yet 17, had his name memorialized on a Belgian wall not many years after arriving here from Italy when Canada needed help clearing land for railroad tracks.

read  in an online document recently that the media was a major source of prejudice toward new comers to Canada

Legal Experts

When Mr. Trump, before becoming President Trump, said he’d ban immigrants from certain countries, journalists said experts knew that such a ban would be unconstitutional. I couldn’t find a clause in the online text of the U.S Constitution that said such a ban would be unconstitutional. Previous decisions against previous versions of the ban were not based on prohibitions in the constitution. I recall only decisions based on the needs of students and employers.

This latest decision is based on judges displeasure with vagaries about national security masking religious discrimination and though they think the immigration ban “likely violates the Constitution.” – they still won’t state the words in the Constitution that the ban violates:

“…In a 10-3 vote, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the ban likely violates the Constitution…”


Free Speech

  • Under “search terms” in my stats I noticed:
  • “creepingsharia.wordpress.com fake news?”

I searched and found a WordPress site that seems dedicated to free speech with an article illustrating the effect of President Trump’s  executive ordered travel ban on news reports.

I then thought I’d like to see what Scott Adams had to say about current events. He usually has something entertainingly positive about President Trump; though he seems more on the side of Russia and Syria in his not being convinced that Syria had reason to use chemical weapons at this late date. But what he has online today is about his fear that his tweets, his statements are getting”shadowbanned”. He fears his free speech is being curtailed because he has written positively about President Trump. He was told by Twitter executives that Twitter does not “shadowban” anybody. But he still believes his tweets are being “shadowbanned” He says

…So what we have here is a fascinating situation in which there is either a mass delusion about Twitter shadowbanning political speech on one side … or something evil is happening at Twitter. My operating assumption is that there is no way that I could tell the difference. When you are inside a delusion, it looks totally real to you…

Migrant Rights

To someone not expert in the law, what follows quoted from an A.P article seems evidence of the conflict between globe based immigrant/human rights (reminiscent of that old U.S. “open door policy”) and nation based immigration laws.

Mar 3, 7:34 PM EST

Mexico launches nationwide effort in US to help migrants


authentic advocates of the rights of Mexican migrants…

What President Trump Said

When I heard how everyone seemed to be laughing and scratching heads over Mr. Trump’s saying, in Florida on February 18, 2017,  that Sweden had crimes linked to migrants;  I assumed he must’ve got caught in a rhetorical wind. But I wanted to know if there might be at least a kernel of truth to his charges since I eventually learned that he said that his charges were based on something right-winger Tucker Carlson had reported on Fox News. Then I learned that Mr. Trump on Feb. 6, 2017 had earlier talked about the state of affairs he got laughed at for mentioning on Feb 18. The Atlantic on Feb.7 even did a story about his saying on Feb. 6  that the western media were not fully reporting those Swedish, migrant related incidents. So by Monday I came to see that not only was there a basis in Sweden for Trump’s statements but that there was a “tug of war”(implied in search strings,”the truth about Malmo”& “truth about Sweden”) between those who wanted to publicize and combat what President Trump was being laughed at for mentioning and those who felt that people like Trump were simply making mountains of  little hills to further their own purposes.

My first bits of information about what might be happening in Sweden in connection with migrants came from journalist Lee Roden who has written a number of articles about these matters which I’ve pasted below from under the heading “Islamist Watch”:

Title Publication Date
Gothenburg ‘one of Europe’s most segregated cities’ The Local October 28, 2016
Sweden to ban masks but not burqas at football matches The Local September 30, 2016
Handshaking row causes Swedish teacher to leave job The Local September 22, 2016
Swedish woman denied job because of her head scarf The Local May 30, 2016