The Good Old Days

Now that Mr. Trump’s fooled those who’ve been embarrassing themselves trying to embarrass him and his supporters, the real Mr. Trump is emerging, the man whose society is high society. To “make America great again” he’ll let his society keep more of what they want, money, and let the tax-free poor be happily employed for … More The Good Old Days


TUESDAY, 25 DECEMBER, 2007 The Pursuit of Happiness Thomas Gainsborough The Morning Walk . 1785 Hearing presidential candidate, Obama stating that some American business executives are paid many times more in one day than the lowest paid worker earns in a year brought to mind Jane Austen, English novelist of the eighteenth & nineteenth centuries, … More Happiness

Newspaper Buying

Newspaper Buying Watching the August 6, 2013 PBS News Hour presentation about the sale of The Washington Post newspaper to Mr. Bazos the father of Amazon, the Online retailer, reminded me of my view that fewer people purchase newspapers because fewer people can afford to. Central to the some 83 odd year ownership and sale … More Newspaper Buying

The Expanding Gap

August 21, 2013 Two images continue to haunt me: the May, 2013 television image of the beaming President and CEO of Blackberry/RIM introducing the latest Blackberry handsets. The other is a newspaper image of a daycare operator obscured behind the hood of a winter jacket as she is taken into custody by two, more elegantly … More The Expanding Gap