They’re still saying “Infrastructure”

If anyone is really concerned about politics (not just political parties) they should illuminate the meaning of this word, “Infrastructure”, and why politicians from Obama to Trump keep talking about it. Shouldn’t most of Obama’s “Infrastructure” improvements have been done in the 9 years since I first became aware of “Infrastructure” as a media topic. … More They’re still saying “Infrastructure”


  Infrastructure has been the way North American economies will be rejuvenated now that we’re borrowing more and manufacturing less. Seeing it as a sub-heading of the draft Democrat platform is almost as nauseating as riding a merry-go round. Infrastructure -Democrat Obama said infrastructure was to be central to his 2008 revitalization program, infrastructure the politician’s secret spigot  to … More Infrastructure


I was reading that Mr. Sanders would like to get 13 million people working by spending one trillion dollars on infrastructure. Infrastructure reminds me of that other word change that Mr. Obama said he’d provide way back in 2008 and 2009. Infrastructure for yesterday today and tomorrow infrastructure; I think even Donald Trump said something about … More Infrastructure

Infrastructure Anyone

I wrote what follows just about when President Obama was celebrating the most expensive inauguration in American history. I had been hearing him talking about reviving the U.S. economy by spending money on infrastructure which today keeps being offered in Canada as a way of improving Canada’s economy. But as usual no one but Donald … More Infrastructure Anyone