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Everyone knows why real estate is expensive.

Today another sold over asking on a real estate sold sign, a for sale sign for 2 or three weeks. Politicians and central bankers say they don’t know why house prices have risen above what Canadian currency holders can afford. … Continue reading

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Dow Futures Up

8:45 am. Feb 01, 2017 EST BNN Dow futures up 73 Dax is up 143

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Financial Expert Ambiguity?

9.00 am January 30,2017   The Dax stock exchange is down about 97 points. The other Europe index, FTSE is down around 50 points The Dow futures are down about 57 points BNN experts say the Dow futures are lower … Continue reading

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Investing For Jobs/Making Money From Money

What follows seems locked 3 years in the distant past, and though Ms.Yellen has replaced Mr. Bernanke so long ago that I almost forgot he ever existed, the money facts and the federal reserve chief’s cautious patter that I noted … Continue reading

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“Q.E. Infinity” ?

January 23, 2015 Brendan Brown  in the book Euro Crash …about his theme “Q.E. infinity” links Bernanke, former chairman of the federal reserve and Draghi former “ …vice chairman and managing director of Goldman Sachs International and a member of the firm-wide management committee … Continue reading

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Eye on the Federal Reserve

Two happenings led to my reposting this old post from a man on the PBS Newshour speaking of possible links between The Federal Reserve and U.S. bankers; and its unexpected reappearance these December days in peterderemigis viewer stats. Eye on … Continue reading

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One More Q.E. Program Maybe?

Yesterday Nov. 12, 2015 while business journalists again breathlessly anticipated talk from the U.S. Federal reserve, a note at the bottom of my television kept saying that the calming of Europe’s inflation signalled a need for continued low interest rates. Tuesday, October … Continue reading

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