One More Lie

“Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal By JO BECKER and MIKE McINTIRE APRIL 23, 2015″   On March 3, 2017, I copied the headline above published by the New York Times because it indicates that President Trump has been aware of suspicions surrounding Ms. Clinton’s dealings with Russia and uranium for some … More One More Lie

Mesmerizing Media

Every time I think; and thinking is for me usually a product of will, telescoping through reports about this that, the other thing, Harvey Weinstein, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, and the NDP riding in on media-waves of sexism. racism, liberalism, conservatism and human rights regurgitated with the impulse of  insatiable appetite.

Racism and Rationalism

Has anyone using the media expression “racism” ever thought about its meaning? It’s probably a new word, a  poetically born  abstract noun resembling sociological, anthropological or economic academic jargon in its rhythm-rime; sounding like socialism, communism and capitalism, implying  adherence to the principles of communists, capitalists or socialists, or to the beliefs of Catholicism or … More Racism and Rationalism

What’s a lie?

They say Donald Trump lies but if Donald trump hadn’t lied about immigrant problems in Sweden I wouldn’t have learned about Malmo, Sweden. And if Donald trump lies don’t pundits lie too? When Shields and Brooks said in August 2015 after the first Republican candidate debate that Mr. Trump was not a serious candidate might … More What’s a lie?

Rhetoric and Thinking

I started reading a CNN sponsored article with the header saying that critics of the president’s tax-paid vacation had it wrong. I immediately assumed it would be about the president’s words captioned on CP24 stating the president during White house renovations would continue working at his N.J. golf club . The CNN sponsorship of this seemingly … More Rhetoric and Thinking

Dr. Fly was told that “Flynn Did Not Ask for Immunity Deal”

Today is April 3, 2017. The last online header about the Flynn offer to testify for immunity I could find was dated March 31; most are dated March 30, 2017. And all those articles referred to the Wall Street Journal blurb of March 30 to convince readers that Mr. Flynn really did offer to testify … More Dr. Fly was told that “Flynn Did Not Ask for Immunity Deal”

Confidence Manipulators

What’s below comes from something called “Snopes” when you put Donald Trump into the Google box. It begins with the term “hearsay” in its title and the nearby phrase “fact check” implying that its publisher is really truthful. But their using the Wall Street Journal 4.5 line, 3 writer blurb by the Wall Street Journal … More Confidence Manipulators