Willy Loman, Jay Gatsby & The American Dream

Journalists writing about politics too often seem to share the same glossary of offensive unthinking epithets. When one wishes to learn what a politician is doing that might improve public life writers simply revert to their derogatory journalese of racist and sexist. They rarely try to inform readers or television listeners precisely what a politician … More Willy Loman, Jay Gatsby & The American Dream

People don’t read much:

They prefer the effortless  total immersion in ever varying video images where what’s reported is a mesmerizing blur that requires extraordinary strength of mind to check. 03 December 2018 – 18H31 Television holds ground for news, as print fades: US study

“With friends like that”

For weeks if not months, articles by various journalists nearly every day predicted that General Kelly, President Trump’s chief of staff, would not finish his first term because Mr. Trump disagreed with him. Today after signing on for a second term without pundit apology or reasons for their erroneous prediction, another suggestion that Kelley would … More “With friends like that”

No Popery!

Watching some of Mr. Kavanaugh’s attempted rebuttal steeped in Catholic references, Dicken’s Barnaby Rudge came to mind and that 1780’s Puritan chant – “No Popery”.

A Brave New Digital Being

Once imagined as the internet of ideas that worldwide web of computers has morphed into a spidery war of mystery and characterless pseudonyms where ones personal friends and relatives invade transparently, the concreteness of their being fading beyond the stratosphere into cyberspace.

Not Authorized To Speak/Nameless Voices

This is what we know about yesterday’s tariff decisions affecting the importing of Steel and aluminum products into The United States. …Eight administration officials and outside advisers close to the matter described the tariff decision-making process. They declined to be named because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the issue. A White House … More Not Authorized To Speak/Nameless Voices