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Legal Experts

When Mr. Trump, before becoming President Trump, said he’d ban immigrants from certain countries, journalists said experts knew that such a ban would be unconstitutional. I couldn’t find a clause in the online text of the U.S Constitution that said … Continue reading

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Mr. Comey’s Testimony

Here is a URL that is supposed to link to a transcript of Mr. Comey’s interview: Today is March 21, 2017 I’ve been trying to reach the Comey transcript with the URL above since yesterday evening. The transcript link … Continue reading

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Human Rights and Law

I keep hearing about human rights lawyers joining religious authorities to protect people from immigration law enforcement. For a long time now I’ve suspected that human rights are a global concern that I never used to hear mentioned publicly. Law … Continue reading

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What President Trump Said

When I heard how everyone seemed to be laughing and scratching heads over Mr. Trump’s saying, in Florida on February 18, 2017,  that Sweden had crimes linked to migrants;  I assumed he must’ve got caught in a rhetorical wind. But … Continue reading

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Malmo Sweden

Before today February 20, 2017 I hadn’t heard of Malmo. Thanks to the media pounding President Trump’s getting because of his  unschooled reference to migrant linked incidents in Sweden, I now know about Malmo because of what the conservative Daily … Continue reading

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Mr. Flynn, Russia & The President

Understanding why President Trump’s National Security  Adviser, Michael Flynn, resigned is still difficult to discern nearly a week after it happened. Most online media people say he resigned because he was talking to the Russians. During his press conference 3 … Continue reading

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The Unelected

Sometime in the 1990’s Liberal M.P. John Nunziata resigned from the Federal Liberal government of the time because too many unelected people were wielding power in the Prime Minister’s office. In 2013 Toronto’s mayor was removed a year before his … Continue reading

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