Today February 8, 2019 there is still  no journalist interest evident in my online searches for expert comments about the Bruce MacArthur sentencing after day 1 of 3 days of hearings. Since day 1, Monday, February 4, 2019 I’ve seen  only identical text copies reporting the sadistic aftermath of MacArthur’s murder of eight human beings, … More

Nation Versus Corporation

Livy in his history of early Rome says community and true patriotism are ” founded upon respect for the family and love of the soil.” But that was then; now the national soil and constitutions are being replaced by corporate fealty and respect for global rights.

Human Rights Versus Law

I finally put a Google search in for “law versus human rights” to see what the experts might have put online. Most files seemed to stress a citizen’s rights before the law or attempts to define human rights. So I’ll go back to my old naive view that western laws are based on the moral … More Human Rights Versus Law

Morality Law and Eating

It’s a real pleasure to read reports of the surge in morality that President Trump has inspired. Ms Huckabee, his head of info promulgation has been removed from a big chicken eatery because of the highly moral feelings of a chicken servers’ manager, and in Canada the firing of a restaurant manager for refusing to … More Morality Law and Eating

“The Mystery of the Sherman Murders The Fifth Estate”

The item above is dated February 2, 2018 one of the difficult to find online articles dated after January 26, 2018  more than 5 weeks since police declared the Sherman deaths to be  the result of murder-suicide and so they were not seeking suspects. Today I came across a CNN article about how one of … More “The Mystery of the Sherman Murders The Fifth Estate”