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Java, Genesis, Insurance

I’ve been reading Northrop Frye’s Anatomy of Criticism. This morning a television  news item announced the death of a 146 year old man,our planets oldest person, in a Java village: I couldn’t help but think of the hundreds of years … Continue reading

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Time & Timelessness

Thoughts central to Shakespeare’s sonnets are beauty, procreation, nature and time. Personal beauty overcomes the ravages of time by procreation, “Die single and thy image dies with thee.”(sonnet 3) “For never-resting time leads summer on/To hideous winter and confounds him … Continue reading

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Hearing the Tone of Words

The most difficult element of rhetorical style to characterize is tone. I’ve seen funny movies that are satirical in that they mock social habits and conventions through irony; yet reviewers write about plot and comic effectiveness, scarcely noting the object of the humour. … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s King John

I learned from television news that President Obama will visit the Globe Theater to comomemerate the 400’th year since Shakespeare’s death. King John, Act 2, Scene 3; a citizen of Angiers and Philip the Bastard

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Culture Clash?

Culture Clash? Inspired by reading that Confucius’ “Book of Songs” contained poems that offered China’s ancient ruler a way to govern better by presenting the sentiments of China’s populace expressed by a variety of poets, I began imagining American movies … Continue reading

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