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A Road Well Travelled

As the dust settles around the Donald Trump image and he adopts a proper humbler attitude with apologies widely heralded online for at least a week, he seems to be growing into that middle of the road. As Democrat former … Continue reading

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Machine Versus Outsourcing

What follows was published on Feb. 7, 2013 on Blogspot. I’m putting it out again because for the past two days on BNN I’ve been hearing these themes: what Mr. Bernanke said last week about interest rates, fears about China’s … Continue reading

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A Consumer Based Economy

(Tuesday, October 14, 2008) Since the U.S. began borrowing money from China fewer things have been made in the U.S. while ever more goods sold in the U.S. have been produced in China including food products, toys and pianos. Surprisingly, … Continue reading

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