A Brave New Digital Being

Once imagined as the internet of ideas that worldwide web of computers has morphed into a spidery war of mystery and characterless pseudonyms where ones personal friends and relatives invade transparently, the concreteness of their being fading beyond the stratosphere into cyberspace. Advertisements

It’s the globe stupid.

June 23, 2016 As the day wears on I’ve had time to pay attention to the vote over whether or not Britain will leave the European Union. That vote will likely end as the vote about Scottish independence did. With the head of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (a former U.S. lawyer born … More It’s the globe stupid.

Canada Day

Here’s an old one from blogspot recently viewed thrice, reminding me of its existence and that I’d written it way back in June: 2 days before Canada’s July 1, 2014 birthday celebration. June 29, 2014 This coming Tuesday July 1 is Canada Day, like the United States of America’s July 4, its “fourth of July” birth day, July … More Canada Day

King Consumer

September 3, 2014 The recently popularized phrase “financial literacy” to me implies real literacy which is an understanding of words and their arrangements in sentences and paragraphs both written and spoken. In mathematics “take away”, “less than”, “subtract”,”minus”imply the abstract sign “- “. Financial literacy has included investment jargon taken from 19th century sea farers’ … More King Consumer