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Infrastructure has been a media theme for at least 8 years now; I remember when President Obama used it when he came to power in 2009. Then I wasn’t clear about what he meant by spending on infrastructure. I know … Continue reading

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So who’s the real “Narcissist”?

                         (,Jan 19, 2017 09:17 AM EST Donald Trump’s biographers: He’s narcissistic, belligerent and deeply fears that he’s illegitimate A collection of professional Trump soothsayers arrived at some troubling conclusions about the president-elect Beware the Narcissist’s Last 2 Yrs: Limbaugh … Continue reading

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Unity Anyone?

What’s below is a rehash, reblog from last year and the topic “unity” has been around since Mr. Obama was trying to get elected president in 2008, rehashed now by Mr. Trump himself. I didn’t think he had it in … Continue reading

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I apologize.

Learning to apologize childishly through instinct and imitation, whenever I realized I’d stepped on someone’s toe inadvertently I’d say in all humility, I’m sorry: “from the bottom of my heart … I apologize”. Yesterday and in recent years “apology” has … Continue reading

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