Judging the Judge

“Fake news” is now a global rage. But this newly popularized phrase though unverifiable  and so meaningless, reminds that news consumers are inherently dependent on what media people say. The Ford Kavanaugh  saga, that at first seemed a conflict of opposing testimonies,  now seems  a tale of dueling minds told by verbal fighters who’ve been … More Judging the Judge


Today Politico seems to be dominating the Drudge Report  with articles leaning Ford word.

The Follower

I read online not too long ago, to my surprise, that people paid for online followers. And just a few weeks ago I experienced the truth of that fact. For a number of years I’ve been getting “garage band” recordings onto my PC via “sound cloud” and keeping them there as private. But because my … More The Follower

The Danforth

For some years I’ve been learning the importance of motorized vehicles to the human identity. Where I moved to about 20 years ago from Bloor and Yonge, autos with opaquely misted windows keep me guessing about who’s inside, whether they are neighbours or just passers-by. For those same 20 years or so I’ve ridden the … More The Danforth

Hitless Followers

Lately I’ve noticed in my inbox what seems a lot, at least more than I used to see of people who say they are following me, and most of these recent followers have something to sell me. And like today they leave no “footprints” among stats of hits: I’ve had no hits/visitors, but two emails … More Hitless Followers