The President’s Monologue

If it wasn’t for Canada’s CP24 I wouldn’t have learned about President Trump’s monologue: It was a total disaster and as “evidence” I saw Jimmy Kimmel standing by and Michael Moore’s face looking very upset. Great reporting!

Canada Day

Canada day,a media day: a giant rubber duck day and morter-like pounding flares, Explosions with more oomph than those sissy-light sparklers tiny paper school houses burning, lady fingers crackling every chilly May Victoria Day. Canada day flags unfurled, flung quivering, over rails, Missals shot exploding high into the night for nearly a week.

Media distorts Pope’s words out of context.

This link-header’s been in the Drudge Report for 2 days. I’d have thought that the Drudge right wingers would’ve provided the context that’s revealed if you open it. Without context it looks as though the Pope is condemning America through Mr. Trump’s G 20 actions. “Pope Francis Says America Has ‘a Distorted Vision of the … More Media distorts Pope’s words out of context.