The Truth About Malmo Sweden

I just read a Fox News sponsored article by a former Republican assistant secretary of state on the firing of Mr. Macabe and the truth. … More The Truth About Malmo Sweden


America’s/Britain’s media

The Guardian  reminds: it’s robots and infertility, not global warming or the “amazing” President Trump that will finish us. “Humans no longer required: Google tests robot to chat with friends for you”

Mesmerizing Media

Every time I think; and thinking is for me usually a product of will, telescoping through reports about this that, the other thing, Harvey Weinstein, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, and the NDP riding in on media-waves of sexism. racism, liberalism, conservatism and human rights regurgitated with the impulse of  insatiable appetite.

What’s on his mind?

I’ll guess that this is the craziest thing Mr. Trump said last night in Arizona about immigrant gangs: …”This is like from a different age. We are taking these people. They don’t shoot people because it’s too fast and not painful. They cut them up into little pieces. These are animals. We are getting them … More What’s on his mind?

The President’s Monologue

If it wasn’t for Canada’s CP24 I wouldn’t have learned about President Trump’s monologue: It was a total disaster and as “evidence” I saw Jimmy Kimmel standing by and Michael Moore’s face looking very upset. Great reporting!