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Hypocrisy and Media

Why is Mr. Sanders calling people liars without media reaction? Media know that he just pretended to be a Democrat to be in the Democrat Primary; and though he seems rhetorically against the bellicose belligerence associated with Democrat Clinton he’s … Continue reading

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Education  Horace at lines 56 to 100 of his 6’th satire of book 1 tells of how his father, a former slave, ensured his mental and moral education.

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Hunger and Principle

I’m reluctant to say anything bad about Mr. Trump cause bad’s about all they can say about him. The last I heard he told Mr. Bush to shut up, even though I don’t think he actually said shut up, but … Continue reading

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The New Mayor Despite The Municipal Elections Act

Originally posted on Deremigi's Blog:
November 30, 2013 am In an Online Globe and Mail article I learned that “media” finally got a mayor of Toronto that they like: “He’s articulate, centrist, congenial.” His name is Norm Kelley, the…

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Mayoral Memories

Today is December 22, 2014 one year and a day since Toronto’s ice storm (Mayor Ford’s mayoral powers having been given by city councillors to councillor Kelly disregarding COTA, City of Toronto Act 2006, and the Municipal Elections Act) who snow- birded it … Continue reading

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Eye on the Federal Reserve

Two happenings led to my reposting this old post from a man on the PBS Newshour speaking of possible links between The Federal Reserve and U.S. bankers; and its unexpected reappearance these December days in peterderemigis viewer stats. Eye on … Continue reading

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July 25, 2014 am. “WASALive” appears at the top of peterderemigis page 2 search results, this morning of July 25, 2014: “WASALive’s” file header is “smoking crack” a phrase taken from the first sentence of the The Toronto Star file Online … Continue reading

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