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Hernando’s Hideaway

“The Consuls” recorded for Hernando in Buffalo, New York. Hernando had connections with Lori Records in New York City  where he had “The Consuls” re-record at New York City’s Bell Sound what we’d recorded for him in Buffalo New York … Continue reading

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From Why I Became A Drummer

…I have also learned another interesting aspect of drumming which for years I had associated only with the 26 drum rudiments and technical exercises. I have recently come to believe that roll, and flam rudiments  are related to trills and … Continue reading

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Evora, A Chance Find

  On Sunday evening June 30, 2013 I found myself searching an external hard drive for my pod cast of Emma Woodlouse’s father from J. Austen’s novel Emma, but what I found were two mp3 recordings by Cesaria Evora that … Continue reading

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