Is he real?

The political articles I’ve been reading since the Democrat presidential primaries of 2008 have been online publications sponsored by major media institutions, but with recent reporting of the Trump impeachment fiasco I’ve just realized that major US political figures have been replaced by media’s characterizations of them. Most journalistic reports, especially since Mr. Trump entered the Republican presidential primaries, have characterized him as an unstable lying megalomaniac, an image difficult to deny even with the knowledge that reality is not as one sided as journalists have made readers think it is: in fact Mr. Trump was recently permitted to infect his demonic media image with a bit of reality when he was videoed, just before his helicopter took off, saying that before he got into politics his media persona was very good and that if it hadn’t been so good he might not have got the popularity that led to the presidency.

But I’ve also become aware of a less prominent, smaller group of  personalities, most sponsored by Fox news, who see President Trump as a great president enduring the negative characterizations of the “left” while doing extraordinary work for America in trade, manufacturing, foreign policy, immigration and appointing judges.

Again reality is neither bad nor good though one group of story tellers insist that Mr. Trump represents a manifestation of Mephistophelean evil in every thing he says or does, while his supporters celebrate those same acts as manifestations of his Arthurian greatness.

Java, Genesis, Insurance

I’ve been reading Northrop Frye’s Anatomy of Criticism. This morning a television  news item announced the death of a 146 year old man,our planets oldest person, in a Java village: I couldn’t help but think of the hundreds of years long life spans of most of the major figures in the book of “Genesis”.Doubtless – Frye’s analysis of myth would likely include Noah’s 950 years as characterization in a  ‘… stylized narrative not fully adapted to plausibility or “realism”‘.