Cultural Solitudes

An old thought came back as I was re-reading a titleless blog about my having suspected that the United States and Canada had dissolved into being ghostly destinations in an old dream, the one that Mr. Trump like Jay Gatsby thinks he can bring back “great again”. In that old Canada, Tim Horton played defence … More Cultural Solitudes

Where is Canada?

I just finished re-publishing an April, 2017 article that I introduce by suggesting that America and Canada exist in an old dream. The old  Tim Horton dream image is one I’m reminded of whenever I see a Tim Horton coffee cup blowing onto my front lawn. And since M3 Capitol down in Brazil has bought … More Where is Canada?

Looking over the Drudge headlines I spotted one today, July 4, 2017; by Pat Buchanan that questioned whether America exists as a nation anymore reminding me that I’d written something along those lines a while back. “Is America still a nation?” I haven’t read Mr. Buchanan’s article even though I really want to, maybe because … More