We all know evidence

Though enemies of goodness

Are without it.

Spreading deception

and conspiracy ,

They taunt the guilty

inspired only

by rumor and images in a crystal ball.

Political Ambiguity

I know that Republicans are not the majority favorite in the United States. I haven’t forgotten that journalist’s writing about expecting Mrs. Clinton to run for president, well before Mr. Trump got into the contest, saying that he dreaded the thought of voting for her because she’d be followed by one investigation after the other but that Republican policies are so bad that he’d have to vote for her despite the investigations.

So I was only partially surprised when I kept reading reports of Trump’s lawyer having  recorded his privileged conversations with his client, the president; though I was puzzled.

But when I saw the name Lanny, as in Lanny Davis I thought: I know who he is; I used to see him on television as a Democrat operative. To make sure of my recollection I checked Wikipedia which I know publishes facts and sometimes fictions and learned that Lanny Davis was Democrat President Bill Clinton’s lawyer who had befriended Mrs. Clinton at school.

I guess I’ve always wondered why President Trump’s old lawyer would be recording his private legal conversations with his president client, but when I saw that Cohen’s own  lawyer was that man, Lanny, who I used to see on Television then believing he was a Democrat operative, before I knew who Mr Trump was; I can’t help but hypothesize that Mr. Cohen must be another of those undercover Democrats, and that President Trump has no idea who his underlings are or why he’s been hiring them, like Mr. Sessions, Mr Flynn, and maybe Mr, Cohen and even Mr. Kelly and Mr. Pruitt.

Fearful Prophecy In The News

The online media has assumed a prophetic stance. Media reporting is rumor-based prophecy.

Rumor-based because no one knows which media evidence is fact and which is rumor, for without media no one would be aware of more than we experience on the street, in our homes or in our gardens.  The globe has become an extension of our field of experience, made real by media’s select depictions of happenings as far off as India and China more vivid than insects in our gardens; porch lights, powered mowers or shaded SUV’s.

So media predicts future events based on past media depictions of events known through projections by superior media intelligences which trembling we believe.

So we fear the coming war with Russia, with Korea(not China); the dangers of debt, aliens, zombies in a changing climate, “white nationalists”, and Mr. Trump,  dreading  certain doom like medieval man seeing signs of Armageddon.

True/False News

I just read Scott Adam’s February 17, 2o17 blog, “Imaginary News”about his impressions of  President Trump’s February 16, 2017 news conference versus those of The Huffington Post. To date I’ve read only two online reviews,  Mr. Adams’ and Mr Limbaugh’s that did not condemn the Feb. 16 press conference as a political-media disaster.

What I liked about Mr. Scott’s review is his acknowledging how hard it is to understand people’s perceptions because the human mind views reality through its own movie-like impressions reminding me of Euripides ancient tragedy, The Bachae.



“Dig”  and “cool” were words that I first remember in a  context that seemed to have preceded the birth of rock and roll’s popularity, words that shaded mysterious cultish initiates who behaved and spoke as though they’d tapped into the essence of  existence: for as in another of their cult-like expressions:  they knew “where it’s at” , and the rest of us didn’t, maybe in a way like our similarly insular contemporary cult of techno-science’s sit-com’s supercilious techno-archetype, Sheldon. There were of course imitators and hangers-on like the toggled crowds of Rome who wanted to look “cool” like them, dress like them and most of all swagger and talk like them. In a sense when you talked to anyone using the hipster cool jazz-aficionado lingo you were always wondering if they were as in another hipster expression, I believe, “putting you on”. And there were in them days a lot of people putting each other on as though people wanted to show how smart they were by fooling others, often categorizing each other according to psycho babble afflictions.

But what I think I recall of this kind of pseudo hip conniving pretended interest in one’s fellow man, the tail end of the cool hipster era when “dig”  seemed to embody all that hyperbolic keenness  about life, music and humanity is the image of the hipster himself.

That image and that quaint notion of “digging” woke me from a kind of  etymological slumber in Kerouac’s 1947 novel On The Road  and rekindled  a world that I realized must have vanished sometime between the end of the era of “cool “ jazz and the beginning of “rock“, a world whose dregs had hung on in places such as the Hound Dog early R&R/R&B radio show’s opening with “Dig man“! “The Hound’s  around.” Though I now understand that “digging”  as empathetic depth perception had authentically existed for a time –  approaching its climax maybe toward the conclusion of WWII and the coming of the Beat Generation’s era of futility. In a way Kerouac’s novel is about the behaviour of characters whose only possession was the will to “dig” places and people – by pilgrimaging  to destinations in America where they “dug” street smells, grass, mountains, suns rising and falling, and street strangers like the “banana man”, in a kind of post romantic frenzy that masked the just concluded inhumanities of war.