Political Ambiguity

I know that Republicans are not the majority favorite in the United States. I haven’t forgotten that journalist’s writing about expecting Mrs. Clinton to run for president, well before Mr. Trump got into the contest, saying that he dreaded the thought of voting for her because she’d be followed by one investigation after the other … More Political Ambiguity

True/False News

I just read Scott Adam’s February 17, 2o17 blog, “Imaginary News”about his impressions of  President Trump’s February 16, 2017 news conference versus those of The Huffington Post. To date I’ve read only two online reviews,  Mr. Adams’ and Mr Limbaugh’s that did not condemn the Feb. 16 press conference as a political-media disaster. What I … More True/False News


“Dig”  and “cool” were words that I first remember in a  context that seemed to have preceded the birth of rock and roll’s popularity, words that shaded mysterious cultish initiates who behaved and spoke as though they’d tapped into the essence of  existence: for as in another of their cult-like expressions:  they knew “where it’s … More Dig