The Road

I used to be ready to join whatever came along. And what used to come along were people like me, People whose strings had come unstrung; Mapless – like Hansel and Gretel chasing crumbs by a translucent glass dividing life and middle class’ Flickering out to highways like galaxies in a dark night’s sky. Advertisements


Sun wallowing bellow the horizon You drove against our first torrent of snow; Snow that outlasted a mid-winter thaw Then icy rains that sealed it into slippery mounds, Until now: a week before spring. Waking plants keep trying to see the sun.      

Dundas and Spadina

In China Town’s Teaming, sun-steamed streets, Oriental ladies Trundle Chinese-charactered plastic bags Weighted strait down To their shuffle stepping feet Under eyes as implacable as stars.

Now comes spring Hear it ring against the walk: April’s spray Splashing tender shoots to summer roots, Rising green on blue, And waving warm in a glory of gliding gold.

Round We Go

Winter’s made the city white: First fall after the winter’s hubbub, Cooling more quickly than expected. Soon January will be here Breathless for summer When under the flying lamp, We’ll await the icey season’s festivities Fashioning gifts before fall.