Can you paint it?

I walked back from the train Along the lake without sun to warm Waters raging under leafless trees Desolate in monochrome But for that red patch approaching at a distance Down a path winding closer to the lake than I’d noticed When leaves were there. He waved as he passed. Surprised I waved back; And … More Can you paint it?


SUNLIGHT IN SEPTEMBER The rain’s stopped, And the cooling air In a rush against yellowing leaves Sends the setting sun Shimmering and blinking through the curtains.

The Idealist

My pockets jingle with change, silver dollars And gold amulets. My fingers glisten with diamonds And delicious amethysts. My home is a private store For precious artifacts: paintings and more: – In short, I possess all that’s prized For its potential invisibility: Its infinite perfectability As currency.

Mother and Child

  Tightly her hair adorns Blue – grey eyes: Sweetness warms them; Care softens them. She speaks, mindful of me And the child she’s left beyond the window Lest its presence offend. When my protests deny the need for such apologies She beckons a tiny miss Whispering baby things, And holding something green. Then sweetly … More Mother and Child


Summer-lit trees Fanned dusty paths. Winter-bright waters Glare off icy steps. And those geese out there That used to perambulate pompously In summer’s fields and promontories Now meet to bask upon the deep. –

Time and Sunlight

From a-top the lake’s old hill The view to the sky Appears Blue draped In the sunlight. In the courtyard of Chinese tombs An antique dial Casts a shadow about 2; And through its angular perfection On stone Time slips. Beneath apple smells Amidst conversation Timed to a restless horse rhythm And the longing to … More Time and Sunlight


It was about this time last year that you threaded the yellow-green banana peppers and strung them across the wooden spice cabinet over the old gas stove. As the weather grew colder we watched them wither one by one, turn orange-yellow and finally, a crisp Chinese red. You picked the last two in January when … More A YEAR