…There are so many Democrats running for Congress in some districts that they could split the votes in the June 5 primary and send two Republicans to the November election, thanks to California’s top-two primary system. Democrats need 24 seats to reclaim the majority in the U.S. House — and are putting money and attention … More

Political difference is rhetorical: when one says yes the other says no; so nothing changes.

Jimmy Carter, former U.S.A. Democrat president; was once quoted to have said, before Republican candidate Trump had become President Trump, that Mr. Trump was malleable (shapeable). When I first became aware of candidate Trump’s association with the military, and now President Trump with a Las Vegas donor, I’m wondering if Mr. Carter may have been … More

Was he really in charge?

What’s quoted below is from something called Western Journalism reporting talk show host Rush Limbaugh talking about reaction to President Obama’s farewell speech. …Limbaugh noted that much of what he has said about Obama was repeated on CNN Tuesday night when Gloria Borger commented on the president’s address. “She made the observation, ‘You know what? … More Was he really in charge?