Beneath the Middle Class

Rioting results from the inability to be heard or represented by anyone. The Democrats are said to represent them, those no one hears. Mr. Trump as Republican represents those who seek to protect what they have, not those who have nothing. Democrats and journalists deride Mr. Trump’s personality but not his protecting the haves at the expense of the have nots, actions that should be perceived even by the blind. Mr. Trump like Mr. Reagan has sought to eliminate government regulation so that business can thrive. His willingness to openly deride the causes of US.’s economic malaise appeals to those suffering its effects, those the Democrats are thought to represent; many of whom see The President as their saviour “all that they have”. His campaign against regulation they willingly accept believing that what’s good for business is good for themselves, those it employs: the least expensive workers wherever they’re found, not concerned that those profit inhibiting regulations were devised to make the market more just for those not managing a profitable business or an NGO.

They who say they will advance the interests of voters, wage earners or the middle class; say they too are wage earners, average women, or average people of colour, or socialists; not professionals seeking to advance their fortune in government service like Mr.Trump debt managing, and Mrs. Clinton masquerading in the 2008 Democrat primary as a ‘coal miner’s daughter” .

In today’s news: the Trump-Biden race tightens: the Democrat-Republican contest heightens.

Waiting for Democracy/Pluralism

Mr. Mulroney wants Canada to rethink its relationship with China: make Canada great again. Must have been a mistake to let China manufacture for us. Now we’ll have to rebuild our manufacturing facilities.

But there are still laissez fairers willing to await natures course to democracy like Karl Marx and his scientific pal Engels predicting the evolutionary scientific inevitability of communism(not Marxism).


“… Canada need not give up on China as a place where pluralism and democracy will one day help its people rule themselves.

In years gone by, North American economic sanctions may have had the clout to pressure even large countries into adjusting their policies. It is implausible to think that China, with an economy that the IMF says is still growing — while Canada, the U.S. and Europe will shrink about eight per cent this year — will be pressured.

That will be the job of its own people.” Don Pittis CBC News

I was recently shocked to read that the radio “shock jock” who appears to be a friend of president Trump says that the president dislikes his supporters. I was shocked because some of those supporters expressing their praise on the Tree House site think he’s the greatest president and can’t wait to vote for him. But what is beginning to stand out in his supporters’ comments is a kind of blind loyalty to the president and a willingness to engage in responding to intrigues that make the president’s political opponents seem rather sinister and worthy of legal retribution which never seems to come.

They really enjoy his impolitic rhetoric, the very thing that the reporters following him target to dramatize his unfitness for politics.

His June 20 Tulsa rally has brought this lack of political seriousness into focus and makes it seem that hardly any voters understand that whether or not they like a candidate’s style or political party should not determine how they vote. The president’s opening remarks about all the judges he’s appointed and all the judges he’ll appoint in a second term ignored his 2 recent losses in the supreme court especially his not being allowed, despite his constitutional authority to do so, to cancel Mr . Obama’s order to give the children of illegal aliens the benefits of American citizenship. And his bragging about giving 2 trillion dollars to the military ignores that his audience either doesn’t care or understand that so many American citizens are poor and some imprisoned for acting against social injustice.

Media also ignores the plight of voters reviewing the Tulsa rally as a poorly attended sports event in an arena that was easily filled by a pop star.

Steel Tariffs

Maybe I expect too much: but last Saturday June 20, I watched the opening of President Trump’s rally speech. He started by bragging about his accomplishments. He told everyone he’d given 2 trillion dollars to the US military and talked of how he’d appointed several hundred judges including 2 supreme court justices. Funny but his Tree House supporters couldn’t understand how one of his supreme court picks had ruled against him just last week. And on June 18 the justices ruled against Mr Trump’s assertion that “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, created in 2012 by his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama, was unlawful.”

The court’s June 15 ruling that the term “sex” in the 1964 civil rights  law implies the law protects not just African Americans from discrimination but transsexuals and homosexuals as well as men and women. Mr Gorsuch whom Trump appointed gave the majority liberal opinion on this decision.

The president’s Treehouse supporters were especially angered by that decision.

 With all their anger about the supreme court’s anti Trump/Republican/conservative decisions I’ve been surprised that so far today, June 22, 2020 Sundance of Tree House has said nothing about the president’s supreme court victory against an attempt to challenge his tariffs on steel imports, especially since protecting American industry with tariff’s has been central to Republican politics since “The abominable tariffs” of 1828.  

President Trump & “The Tariff of Abominations”

“History will remember Trump as ‘an aberration,’ John Bolton says”

But his successfully overcoming a supreme court challenge to his steel tariff has put him among America’s early republican protectionists who in 1828 got both a president they’d opposed and “the tariff of abominations” that protected US manufactured products.

Where are the Republicans?

On May 16, 2020, I was perusing The Sundance/ Conservative Tree House site, and came across comments reacting to President Trump’s recently warning Republican senate leader, Mitch McConnell, that time was running out. One of the comments was supported by a video of a speech given in 2015 to either the US congress or the senate by Republican senator Ted Cruz about the UNIPARTY system in which Republicans when controlling both congress and the senate would roll over and accept any legislation the Obama Democrats wanted as long as they were threatened with a government SHUT DOWN. That speech reminded me of the following piece that I wrote around the time of a government SHUTDOWN.

“During the 2012 Republican primaries and the presidential election that followed I was unable to detect among Canadian or American journalists anyone who admitted supporting Republican candidates or the political concerns of the Republican party. Everything said or written about Republicans stressed their representing tax breaks for the rich and in general big money. And to me “everything said or written” means easy to pick up because it’s been said ad infinitum, and almost word for word Online. So I began wondering what a confessed Republican voter would look like. Would they look like a Bush, a Romney, a Ron Paul, a Pat Buchanan or any other Republican politician, certainly not an easily identifiable news delivering journalist. Or might they resemble the writers of articles about Democrat supporters such as Exelon or BP: small money?

And today after the shut down and debt limits dust has settled and everyone needing government money can resume getting paid, and the Chinese purchasers of  U.S. bonds can stop worrying, at least until January or February 2014, that they might not receive the interest payments they need to help pay for the manufacture of consumer products that they ship to Europe’s and America’s consumers, I again ask: are there really any Republicans out there. Maybe because I don’t live in the U.S. and get only wall-to-wall news from journalists both Canadian and American: maybe if I lived in one of the states painted red that sometimes makes me think that the entire map of America except for the little blue splotches in the south-west and north-east corners, I’d know what a Republican looks like. And what’s really funny about no one acting like they favour Republicans is that most of the little bits of blue on America’s political map seem to represent areas that contain high concentrations of U.S wealth arising from technology, dwindling manufacturing, and most of all from banking in the north- east, where big money is made out of smaller money.

Today is October 19, 2013, and I’ve been reading an October 18 print Toronto Star article from Reuters that tells how Mr. Obama has been scolding congress especially Republican congress people about the way they’ve jeopardized the United States by needlessly forcing the recent government shut down. Again I can’t stop thinking about all those people from north to south who voted for Mr. Romney and Republican politicians, and wondering how they must feel about this near endless vilification of Republicans. No one says anything to defend or console Republican supporters other than we fought the good fight and lost, or a recent expression of human regard by a media person on Canada’s BNN television who asked colleagues more than once through her mid-day stint: Don’t you think they’re just kicking them(Republicans) when they’re down?”

Voting for Mrs. Clinton Then and Now

April 17, 2015

Yesterday I read an extensive Online article written in March before Ms. Clinton had formally announced she’d be a nominee as a Democrat presidential candidate. The writer implied that if Ms. Clinton actually got into the race as she in fact did, her candidacy would be hampered by her former president husband’s associating with a convicted sex offender. But after complaining about the silence of established media sympathetic with both Republican and Democrat parties about Mr. Clinton’s relationships, he asserted that if Ms. Clinton became the Democrat candidate for president next year he’d probably vote for her because of Republicans’ unpalatable social policies. Again I had difficulty imagining the great many individual human beings throughout the United States who are Republicans who may favour those social policies that might force a writer to vote for a person whose persona he may disapprove of. So who and where are they?

And back in 2008 another instance of likely strategic voting was reported but in that case the person allegedly said she’d vote for Mrs. Clinton despite her pro Iraq war policy because Mrs. Clinton’s a woman.

Wednesday, 9 January, 2008
I don’t know much about American politics.But one thing seemed common to both the Republican and Democrat New Hampshire primary winners. Both seemed to not be terribly unhappy with the Iraq war. In fact on Sunday January 6, 2008 McCain told Tim Russert that he believed that Americans would support war as long as Americans don’t get hurt. And I remember that about December 16, 2007Ms. Barbara Dennett, a math teacher, opposed to candidate Clinton’s 2002 endorsement of Bush’s plan to invade Iraq, and to Clinton’s support for the Republicans’ threat to invade Iran if necessary, will vote for Clinton anyway because Clinton is a woman.

Iraq and the 2008 Democrat Primaries

No Contest Election?

I was disappointed that there would be no elections in my part of Canada: neither municipal, provincial nor federal for some years. But today I realized that there is one coming soon in the United States; funny I’m sure there should have been all kinds of election talk about the upcoming November presidential election; but I’ve been hearing nothing from Democrats and their reclusive candidate Mr. Biden and President Trump has had to be satisfied with his coronavirus19 briefings which he is now about to cancel.

I wonder what will happen as that November election date gets closer; talk of mail in ballots looks ominous.