Words applied to political social systems have become colloquialisms that everyone has a moralistic understanding of: fascism is bad; socialism has come to mean good. But all present day governments have shown features of both the bad and the good. Communism considered an evil with the rise of the USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, … More Socialism

Seeking Sources/Contacts

I think almost everyone who has the temerity to voice an opinion says uncomplimentary things about politicians. Whenever anyone complains about politicians: they are put in their place with: you voted for them  in a free election. It’s as though real speech, not advertising or gun ownership, is stifled by allusions to freedom But I’ve … More Seeking Sources/Contacts

“With friends like that”

For weeks if not months, articles by various journalists nearly every day predicted that General Kelly, President Trump’s chief of staff, would not finish his first term because Mr. Trump disagreed with him. Today after signing on for a second term without pundit apology or reasons for their erroneous prediction, another suggestion that Kelley would … More “With friends like that”

Political Parties

When I was growing up everyone hated communists. We used to have a CCF (Canada Comonwealth Federaration) sign on our front lawn during elections, the only one I’d see walking to school and back between Ossington and Dufferin. Maybe there were more CCF supporters than my father; a working man member of the CCF, the … More Political Parties

Bureaucrat, Politician, Voter

For some time now I’ve believed that a politician’s job is to get elected as the person who best satisfies a voter’s , a culture’s preferences. The unelected, those identified by the labels “deep state” or “bureaucrat”  keep government functioning throughout party ups and downs and changing styles of human behaviour. Voters complain when they … More Bureaucrat, Politician, Voter


Say as you please. Just apologize: “CHYRON MALFUNCTION: ABC Apologizes For Graphic Declaring Manafort Pleaded Guilty to Manslaughter”