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 I just picked this up from Drudge’s  other side of the news. It’s a brief article from something called HEATSTREET dated yesterday, Feb.19, 2017. “Looks Like Donald Trump Was Right About Sweden After All” I found it worth giving some … Continue reading

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“The Times They Are A’ Changin'”

My mother used to say when her shoeless mother was shipped over from Italy during the first world war when her 17-year old brother joined the Canadian army that made a name for Canada and got killed, they used to … Continue reading

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Evora, A Chance Find

  On Sunday evening June 30, 2013 I found myself searching an external hard drive for my pod cast of Emma Woodlouse’s father from J. Austen’s novel Emma, but what I found were two mp3 recordings by Cesaria Evora that … Continue reading

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Ms. Oda’s Resignation

Today is September 16, 2016. For some days now television news and business programs have been reporting that “Buono” is still trying to get old nation states to increase their foreign aid to newer developing nations. Today he’s been trying … Continue reading

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