Does change or eating make us sick?

Many years ago, long before this new fasting “fad” had become so popular that last week a friend out of the blue asked me if I fasted surprising me by mentioning that fasting had health benefits confirmed by today’s Wall Street Journal article that fasting and its health benefits was no “fad”, I read in Herodotus’ Histories that the ancient Egyptians believed that disease was caused by eating while Herodotus’ ancient Greek view was that disease was caused by change.

More fantasy from the UK media


Nasa admits ‘tiny super-intelligent’ aliens may have ALREADY visited Earth – and says some UFO sightings ‘cannot be explained or denied’

A top Nasa scientist said the space agency needs to be “more aggressive” in the hunt for alien life

Again I visited the NASA site to check the veracity of this science fiction-like report from the UK’s The Sun and did a search for “aliens” because there was nothing on NASA’s home page about “aliens”

This NASA link was the result of my “aliens” search in NASA’s topics <category:;

Why does Drudge Report keep displaying these science fiction-like UK  media fantasies and use NASA as their source?

Doesn’t anyone read “critically” or just plain read?

Who’d have known if it weren’t for Media?


“Mayan archaeologists met in Guatemala and confirmed the end date for the Mayan Prophecy is December 21, 2012. That’s when the world will end.”

I think this was the prediction my neighbor informed me of back then, surprised that I hadn’t learned of it in the news.

I recall reading a history book about early English kings during the great plague in England that mentioned someone writing a history of current events wondering if anyone would be alive to read what he was writing. We have another world ending event coming up in a few weeks. And who can forget that dire scientific prediction by our age’s most famous physicist. Did anyone see Ghost Busters 2? Someone predicting the world’s end being interviewed on television was accommodated by the interviewer’s “For your sake” I hope it’s true.

Wikipedia has a near endless list of end of the world predictions dating back to the beginnings of the Roman empire up to the 2020’s

A Brave New Digital Being

Once imagined as the internet of ideas that worldwide web of computers has morphed into a spidery war of mystery and characterless pseudonyms where ones personal friends and relatives invade transparently, the concreteness of their being fading beyond the stratosphere into cyberspace.