As the poster says: Read

Today a caption has kept repeating on my CTV television screen: 16 % of people 17-18 years of age read a book a day for “pleasure” that made me wonder if those responsible for broadcasting that apparent fact themselves read. If they do would they not know that anyone who could give their mind to a book each and every day would be unable to think or do anything else, unless they were speed reading champions who I can’t imagine speed reading for “pleasure”.

“Truth” is always on Cohen’s lawyer’s side.

'Truth on our side'...

In a post that I put on WordPress a a few days ago, I wrote that Mr. Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, is one of my old television interviews bad guy: a political operative: everything good said about his side is good; everything against his side bad, a lot like Axelrod the Obama side promoter.

Canada Day

Canada day,a media day:
a giant rubber duck day and morter-like pounding flares,
Explosions with more oomph than those sissy-light sparklers
tiny paper school houses burning,
lady fingers crackling every chilly May Victoria Day.
Canada day flags unfurled, flung quivering, over rails,
Missals shot exploding high into the night for nearly a week.