As the poster says: Read

Today a caption has kept repeating on my CTV television screen: 16 % of people 17-18 years of age read a book a day for “pleasure” that made me wonder if those responsible for broadcasting that apparent fact themselves read. If they do would they not know that anyone who could give their mind to … More As the poster says: Read

Blog Followers

I just got an email from someone claiming to have become a follower of my blog. He wants me to have an effective blog. Before I received that notice I had the number 124 in my followers stats with no visitors today, July 15. I think I even told metadata I didn’t want any more … More Blog Followers

Win Bigley

Yeah I wanna get all that power and win Bigley so I can do some good. Where there’s hope they’re may be a way like my old hero Mr Mac Duck, Donald’s uncle.


‘Steve Jobs: “People Don’t Read Anymore.”‘ The above was a response to a search for “Do people read?” a search based on my belief that fewer people read books. The first set of responses I got were that reading has increased astronomically from 1945 until now that appeared among headers about self publishing reminding me … More Reading