Podcasts are often bad rhetoric.

Anyone with something important to say will want to do their utmost to communicate that thought as effectively as possible. Based on their understanding of how difficult it is to write a real thought, they will edit their reasoning and the rhetorical means of explaining their thought  painstakingly. Advertisements

Political Correctness, Fear & Freedom

when I first spotted an article on The Drudge Report page that said Rush Limbaugh an apparent supporter of President Trump, champion of free speech and of anti political correctness(circumspect disciplined speech) saying that the president should not have said that Mr.Mueller’s indicting 13 Russian citizens for undermining U.S. elections had proven that he himself … More Political Correctness, Fear & Freedom

Political difference is rhetorical: when one says yes the other says no; so nothing changes.


The word rhetoric once denoted ways of communicating one’s thoughts by devices called “rhetorical devices” “Appeal to authority” (used in terms like “expert/scientists say”) is a rhetorical device often used by journalists to convince readers of the validity of their opinions. But today maybe 2500 years since the devices of rhetoric originated, the noun rhetoric  … More Rhetoric

Unity implies agreement.

Today CP24 television, part of the Bell Network, has been highlighting president Obama’s call for unity after a rancorous election contest. The piece below was written during the 2008 Democrat primaries about when Hillary Clinton was expected to walk away with it and Mr. Obama first started calling for “unity”. Saturday, 15 March, 2008 Political … More Unity implies agreement.

Trump’s Cool

  I published the following back in 2015 when linguists started trying to analyze Mr. Trump’s talk. My view printed below was inspired by my reading over the years of McLuhan’s little book “Understanding Media”.   I just came across an article about linguists analyzing Mr. Trump’s public speaking style; their analyses seemed to indicate … More Trump’s Cool