The Russia Investigation

Today I read the first plausible explanation of the much vaunted/ridiculed probe of President Trump  being conducted by Mr. Mueller. The article by Tom Burman in Saturday’s, November 10, 2018 Toronto Star seems plausible because its key reference is Mr. Trump’s declaration of bankruptcy, followed by solvency that from my media reported perspective never made … More The Russia Investigation

Shshsh, no talking.

I’ve just learned that American astronauts train in Russia and might even talk to Russians who they plan to live with in outer space where “mum’s the word”. …Epps is returning to Houston from Russia, where she had been training to fly to the space station with a German and Russian. NASA spokeswoman Brandi Dean … More Shshsh, no talking.

Russia & Uranium

…The Canada-based company Uranium One controls roughly 20 percent of U.S. uranium production capacity. Russia’s nuclear energy agency purchased Uranium One in stages between 2009 and 2013. Since uranium is vital to national security, the U.S. government had to approve this purchase. The State Department and eight other government agencies did so in 2010… (The … More Russia & Uranium

Russian Connections Investigations

I’m publishing this in connection with my “Uranium Deal” reblog of March 3, 2015. I got it from the right wing Drudge Report‘s link to Infowars Flashback: Numerous Dems, Obama Also Met with Russian Ambassador President Trump calls for investigation into Schumer, Pelosi’s Russian ties Adan Salazar | – March 3, 2017

Is the owner of Britain’s Independent an autocrat,oligarch or both?

Is the owner of Britain’s Independent an autocrat,oligarch or both? …Trump has long expressed admiration for Putin and other hard-as-nails Russian autocrats…” “Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev  bought the the British news organization, The Independent in 2010″. Lebedev’s  The Independent appears to have pushed The Guardian out of first place in the pitchforks for Trump attacks.