A Roman Wedding

Juvenal, Roman satirist of the first century A.D. decrying the growing effeminacy of the Roman male in that century, mockingly quotes one such male in an imagined dialogue as follows: ‘”I have a ceremony to attend at dawn to-morrow, in the Quirinal valley[a district in the city of Rome].” “What is the occasion?” “No need to ask: a friend is taking to himself a husband; quite a small affair.” Yes and if only we live long enough we shall see these things done openly: people will wish to see them reported among the news of the day.’

And in the news of this day( August 18, 2007) of the second millennium we may read: ”Grooms looked ‘radiant.” “Brison makes history as first Canadian MP in same-sex marriage”

(By Amy Smith and Gordon Delaney staff reporters Nova Scotia News – The Chronical Herald, August 18,2007,)