This flu season’s hospitalizations have increased in the week of March 14-21.

CDC says that as of March 14 and March 21, 2020, for the 2019-2020 flu season in USA,

“The overall cumulative hospitalization rate was 65.1 per 100,000 population[March 14, 2020], which is higher than all recent seasons at this time of year except for the 2017-18 season. “

 On March 21, 2020 the hospitalization rate was “67.3 per 100,000 population”.

‘Like an elephant being attacked by a house cat’

“If we had not known about a new virus out there, and had not checked individuals with PCR [virus] tests, the number of total deaths due to ‘influenza-like illness’ would not seem unusual this year. At most, we might have casually noted that flu this season seems to be a bit worse than average.”

The quotation above that I got through WhatFinger on College Fix is almost identical to my first thoughts on the matter of the now named coronavirus 19 pandemic.

When I located the IOANNIDIS article highlighted by the house cat elephant analogy belittling the enormous financial and personal resources gathered to defend against what may be no worse in its effects than the yearly flu I learned by reading the comments that followed that many do not share either mine or IOANNIDIS’ view of the matter.

Since I know nothing about statistical data or epidemiology, I think there has been something strangely fear provoking about the group of officials I saw on television informing about Canada’s first coronavirus infection in the latter days of January 2020. I eventually looked up Canadian government records on the 2019-20 flu season and learned that Canada’s first case of coronavirus 19 occurred about the time the flu season was peaking. I then learned from an article sponsored by John Hopkins university that the only difference between coronavirus 19 symptoms and flu is that coronavirus 19 is new and its contangioussness unpredictable. I ‘ve also learned that the 2017-18 flu infected millions of Americans and killed as many as 50,000 .

Recently America’s Dr Fauci proclaimed that coronavirus19 was 10 times worse than flu.

At least Dr Fauci mentioned a possible comparison of flu and and coronavirus 19, a context which has been strangely

lacking in dire warnings by media political and financial speakers of this unique once in a hundred year pandemic.

NASA, Aliens & Synthetic DNA

“How NASA is using synthetic DNA in its search for alien life


 Charlie Wood 1 day ago “(CNBC)

A 57 month old article and video of Europa(one of Jupiter’s moons) is the most recent information I could find at NASA about life outside of earth. And as you can see the article first appeared nearly 5 years ago today, March 2, 2020, not “1 day ago”.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


“VIDEOS | JUNE 17, 2015

Alien Ocean: NASA’s Mission to Europa”

That article above is all I could find about a search for life outside of earth, nothing about synthetic life. And as mentioned above, the article is nearly 5 years old today March 2, 2020. That old Europa video seems identical to the video Charlie Wood links to for his “1 day ago article” published by CNBC and Microsoft News.

“Without Evidence”

“…In an op-ed in the Washington Post in May, former FBI director James Comey referred to Mifsud as a “Russian agent”, although he did not say why he believed that to be the case. Mueller’s report does not directly make the same allegation. For his part, Papadopoulos has repeatedly suggested, without presenting any evidence, that Mifsud was working for Western intelligence agencies in an effort to tarnish Trump…”Reuters October 9,2019/7:33AM/19 DAYS AGO October 9, 2019 / 7:33 AM / 19 days ago

This paragraph copied from a Reuters article about the mysterious Mr Mifsud, perhaps the most important figure in the Russia Trump concerns, illustrates media use of the phrase “without evidence”.

*James Comey referred to Mifsud as a “Russian agent, although he did not say why he believed that to be the case.

*Papadopoulos has repeatedly suggested, without presenting any evidence, that Mifsud was working for Western intelligence agencies in an effort to tarnish Trump.


Some NASA News

“Newly Discovered Comet Is Likely Interstellar Visitor” (copied from NSA on September 12, 2018)

I found nothing about snake-like images arriving from another solar system just the above noted comet from intersteller space. Maybe the British media know more about snake-like apparitions than NASA’s Hubble.

I’ve been hearing a lot about water on an exoplanet (exoplanets are not in our milky way galaxy as is Jupiter sailing toward our south-west horizon) .But according to NASA the water’s been detected in the exoplanet’s atmosphere not on its surface.

And we might be hearing a lot about 2 approaching asteroids, about which NASA says

“Sept. 12, 2019

Two Asteroids to Safely Fly by Earth

Two relatively medium-sized asteroids will fly safely past Earth overnight Sept. 13-14 (Eastern U.S. time). NASA is tracking the objects, but orbit calculations ruled out any chance that the objects could pose a threat to our planet.

“These asteroids have been well observed—once since 2000 and the other since 2010—and their orbits are very well known,” said Lindley Johnson, planetary defense officer and program executive for the Planetary Defense Coordination Office at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. “Both of these asteroids are passing at about 14 lunar distances from the Earth, or about 3.5 million miles away, but small asteroids pass by Earth this close all the time.”

Near-Earth asteroid 2010 C01, estimated to be 400 to 850 feet (120 to 260 meters) in size, will safely pass Earth at 11:42 p.m. EDT on Sept. 13 (3:42 UTC on Sept. 14). The second object, 2000 QW7 is estimated to be 950 to 2,100 feet (290 to 650 meters) in size will pass later at 7:54 a.m. EDT Sept. 14 (23:54 UTC). “