“Without Evidence”

“…In an op-ed in the Washington Post in May, former FBI director James Comey referred to Mifsud as a “Russian agent”, although he did not say why he believed that to be the case. Mueller’s report does not directly make the same allegation. For his part, Papadopoulos has repeatedly suggested, without presenting any evidence, that Mifsud was working for Western intelligence agencies in an effort to tarnish Trump…”Reuters October 9,2019/7:33AM/19 DAYS AGO October 9, 2019 / 7:33 AM / 19 days ago

This paragraph copied from a Reuters article about the mysterious Mr Mifsud, perhaps the most important figure in the Russia Trump concerns, illustrates media use of the phrase “without evidence”.

*James Comey referred to Mifsud as a “Russian agent, although he did not say why he believed that to be the case.

*Papadopoulos has repeatedly suggested, without presenting any evidence, that Mifsud was working for Western intelligence agencies in an effort to tarnish Trump.


Some NASA News

“Newly Discovered Comet Is Likely Interstellar Visitor” (copied from NSA on September 12, 2018)

I found nothing about snake-like images arriving from another solar system just the above noted comet from intersteller space. Maybe the British media know more about snake-like apparitions than NASA’s Hubble.

I’ve been hearing a lot about water on an exoplanet (exoplanets are not in our milky way galaxy as is Jupiter sailing toward our south-west horizon) .But according to NASA the water’s been detected in the exoplanet’s atmosphere not on its surface.

And we might be hearing a lot about 2 approaching asteroids, about which NASA says

“Sept. 12, 2019

Two Asteroids to Safely Fly by Earth

Two relatively medium-sized asteroids will fly safely past Earth overnight Sept. 13-14 (Eastern U.S. time). NASA is tracking the objects, but orbit calculations ruled out any chance that the objects could pose a threat to our planet.

“These asteroids have been well observed—once since 2000 and the other since 2010—and their orbits are very well known,” said Lindley Johnson, planetary defense officer and program executive for the Planetary Defense Coordination Office at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. “Both of these asteroids are passing at about 14 lunar distances from the Earth, or about 3.5 million miles away, but small asteroids pass by Earth this close all the time.”

Near-Earth asteroid 2010 C01, estimated to be 400 to 850 feet (120 to 260 meters) in size, will safely pass Earth at 11:42 p.m. EDT on Sept. 13 (3:42 UTC on Sept. 14). The second object, 2000 QW7 is estimated to be 950 to 2,100 feet (290 to 650 meters) in size will pass later at 7:54 a.m. EDT Sept. 14 (23:54 UTC). “

Transfering computer files(September 15,2018)

I had to buy a new computer. The one I used for nine years stopped. I learned that removing its hard disk would allow me to transfer its contents to my new computer. It took me a while to learn that I needed a dock to attach my old disk to and found one for $19.95 US. It took me a few days to learn how to use its program, but I’ve now transferred most of my old computer files to my new computer and now have an extra hard drive (my old hard disk). A few minutes ago I was accosted online by an ad selling a service for either $119.  or a Pro version for $169. that would do what I just finished doing for $19.95.

Computers are now for making money and gathering followers to make even more money. My new computer has me all locked up as a potential consumer with icons cluttering my new drive in hopes that I’ll inadvertently buy something I don’t need so someone I don’t know can profit from my ignorance. Things sure have changed since I bought my first computer in1990.

September 16, 2018

I just replaced “new” for “knew” in  “I learned that removing its hard disk would allow me to transfer its contents to my ‘new’ computer.” I don’t know how my finger pressed “k” before “n”. Maybe those pressures to buy what you don’t want are increasingly accompanied by text programs that anticipate search topics and words that you don’t intend. When editing I’m going to try extra hard to not rely on spell check programs.

A non-scientist, I have neither seen nor heard a serious effort to explain the meaning of “e” equals “m” times “c” square/ energy = mass times the speed of light multiplied by the speed of light. To me this formula attributed to A. Einstein says that mass and energy are equal. Since no visible object is motionless all objects have varying degrees of energy dependent upon their velocity; for mass and energy vary according to an object’s speed/velocity/movement.Visible objects with very little energy move much slower than the speed of light. Objects traveling at the speed of light 30,000 kilometers a second, the fastest velocity possible have an infinite mass and are infinitely inert. They become immovable and motionless. A clock moving at the speed of light would stop; a ruler traveling at the speed of light would shorten and disappear.

Ronald C. Lasky, director of the Cook Engineering Design Center at Dartmouth College, explains the significance behind this hallowed equation:

It is the most famous equation in the world. Many can recite it—and attribute it to Albert Einstein—but few know its significance.

It tells us that mass and energy are related, and, in those rare instances where mass is converted totally into energy, how much energy that will be. The elegance with which it ties together three disparate parts of nature—energy, the speed of light and mass—is profound…

I’ve got a secret and it’s “x”squared.

And what does “in vacuo” mean?

Why do scientists hide their theories under the square root signth?

Is it because they can’t be bothered revealing precise numbers?  If “x”= 100, the square root of x is 10. If x = c and c = the speed of light at 300,000 kilometers a second, then the square root of c2 is c which is 300,000 kilometers a second.

Why do scientists obscure numbers by squaring them? Is it because they can’t be bothered writing out complete numbers? 10 squared is 100; 100 squared is 10,000. We’ve heard that e=mc2. But can anyone explain the meaning of c2, how it makes sense to exceed the limiting unvarying velocity of light(in vacuo) by multiplying it by itself: 300,000 x 300,000 = 900,000,000,000 nine hundred billion miles per second a number greater than the assumed age of the earth.

And what does “in vacuo” mean? Albert Einstein takes care to specify “in vacuo” whenever he refers to the constancy of light’s velocity implying that when light travels through Aristotle’s space where “Nature” disallows bodiless openings like vacuums that might permit light’s constancy or Galileo’s bodies of various dimensions and mass to fall to the earth at the same rate.

Russia’s and America’s supersonic rockets

I have several books that give a number for the speed of light as being at least 300,000 kilometers a second many times faster if not infinitely faster than sound at a mere 331 kilometers a second. An online estimate of the distance between Russia and the U.S. is given as 8,638 kilometers; so if I correctly understood a media account of Mr. Putin’s recently announcing Russia’s possession of an impossible to defend against rocket capable of flying 20 times the speed of sound I must assume that Mr. Putin’s rocket could travel 8,638 km in less than 2 seconds, for 20 times 331 km. a second(sonic speed) times 20 is 6620 2,000 km. less than the distance to the U.S..

When I did an online search about supersonic rocket weapons I found numerous articles about both America and Russia testing weapons that travel 6 times the speed of sound but no velocity above that speed is mentioned.

The thought that brought that Putin 20 times supersonic velocity to mind caused me to imagine possible consequences of that speed such as an increase in mass and of course its near instantaneous delivery.