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Science Squares

Last week women were marching; I assumed it was to demonstrate their aversion to President Trump. An online header dated January 27, 2017 indicating that scientists were preparing to march as well presumably yo demonstrate disapproval of Republican President Trump’s … Continue reading

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Respectfully Defending Truthfulness

Since I’ve been looking for political and scientific analysis by those trained to know all I’ve been seeing is willful drivel by journalists appealing to the authority of experts/scientists or scholars. The U.K. online  pop journal “The Independent”, stalwarts of … Continue reading

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Oh scientists: where are you?

Monday, Dec 12, 2016 1:00 PM UTC Science, reason and decency all under threat: 5 nightmarish things Donald Trump did just last week The mind reels with the mounting horrors and the sheer pace at which they come Janet Allon, … Continue reading

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Where are the climate scientists?

I’m starting to wonder why entertainers and media people are the only ones who know the facts about global warming. I’ve read online that ninety odd percent of climate scientists agree that global warming is largely man-made; yet Mr. Trump … Continue reading

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Science Geometry Euclid Geometry means something like earth measure and seems to have been given its fame and longevity by Euclid’s, the ancient Greek’s, The Elements which begins with 23 Definitions of things people measure, 5 Postulates, then 5 Axioms … Continue reading

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Thinking of Thales The September 28, 2015’s water flowing on Mars report promulgated on television and in online headers from North America to Great Britain reminded me of the early Greek philosopher Thales who taught that water, H2O, two parts … Continue reading

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Hot and Sexy

The most conspicuous signs of modernity can be seen in the area of human sexual mores. The expression “sexy” and “hot” are central to the rise in social enlightenment. For as our interests in scientific studies increase, moralistic restrictions on … Continue reading

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