Ten Times The Distance Between Earth and Moon

This is what NASA said on January 18, 2018 about Asteroid 2002 AJ129 on Feb. 4 2018.

Asteroid 2002 AJ129 will make a close approach to Earth on Feb. 4, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. PST (4:30 p.m. EST / 21:30 UTC). At the time of closest approach, the asteroid will be no closer than 10 times the distance between Earth and the Moon (about 2.6 million miles, or 4.2 million kilometers)…


In his

Why did Einstein’s Programme supersede Lorentz’s?

Elie Zahar writes:

It is my
conviction that we are able, through pure mathematical construction, to find
those concepts and the law-like connections between them, which yield the key
to the understanding of natural phenomena . .. The really creative principle is in
mathematics. In a certain sense I consider it therefore to be true—as was the
dream of the Ancients—that pure thought is capable of grasping reality.1

Pythagorous, an “Ancient” whose name identifies a style of thinking that saw numbers to represent natural materials and human principles.

A more recent Ancient, Aristotle, tells us,
“…Pythagoreans as they are called, devoted themselves to mathematics; they were the first to advance this study,and having been brought up in it they thought its principles were the principles of all things…”  The Presocratic Philosopers,

Kirk & Raven; pp. 236-237.

Science and Allegory

All science is communicated by comparison more abstract than, but similar to The Divine Comedy’s use of recorded actions of people or places of the real word to depict events and characters’ in the other world.

Not being a scientist today’s mention of scientific discovery has begun to irk me. And much of what we hear about science is voiced by people who like me are not scientists. A distinction between science and engineering  raised  by a lecturer of a course I withdrew from  has stayed with me. For despite my Latin dictionary’s definition of “scientia” as knowledge and skill I’ve always understood its descendent “science” to imply knowledge.  Skill results from repeatedly performing mechanical actions that follow directions for how to do things. According to an ancient anecdote one need not be able to play a musical instrument to have knowledge of music.

All science is communicated by comparison more abstract than, but similar to The Divine Comedy’s   use of recorded actions of people or places of the real world to depict events and characters’ in the other world. Suffering in hell resembles, from line 109 of Canto 9 of the “Inferno”, images of the Alyscamps tombs near Arles  in France. Science tells us of the similarity of letters of the alphabet and numbers. What is “x”? It is like some number. What is a foot ? It is like a shoe. What is a centimeter it is like the number 10, one tenth of a meter stick. If one is six feet tall one is the length of six shoes. If one is 2 meters tall one is 200 tenths of 2 metre sticks.  What time is it? It is noon or it is lunch time or the sun is at the zenith; both hands of my clock are as one at its circlular face’s top. What knowledge is gained in these comparisons between lengths in  feet or metre’s and temporal duration in  space? The ability to organize experience to do things and acquire skills so that I can do these things faster and better than anyone else;  so that I can get power and money.

Bully Narcissist Liar

“Bully” “Narcissist” “Liar” *Narcissist has become a popular journalistic epithet used often by Trump critics presumably from the left. I’ve also seen it used by Rush Limbaugh lambasting President Obama from the right. *Bully is a popular epithet even outside journalism; the word used to be spoken in reference to schoolyard incidents; now everyone charges anyone who seems bossy especially in the office with acting like a “bully”. In the quotation below Trump, not for the first time, is being charged from the left with being a bully. And this morning I read that hollywood actors bullied Trump:
“Zoe Saldana says ‘cocky and arrogant’ Hollywood actors ‘bullied’ Donald Trump during the election”.*Liar is another word that has recently almost obliterated that old verbal weapon racist. It was brought into the spot light by the show “Matilda” where it is angrily repeated like a choral chant. And I remember Donald Trump used to refer to Mr. Cruz a fellow Republican(the right) as Lyin’ Ted.


Donald J. Trump is a bully, a narcissist, and a liar. After Lewis said that he was not a “legitimate president,” the notoriously thin-skinned President-elect tweeted false information about Lewis’ congressional district and claimed that Lewis was “all talk” and “no action.”

No one told me about the January climate report till August

Reporting of the draft of a climate report was 6 months late.

I was up too early this morning at 4:45 am so I looked up Scarborough’s weather on my Ipad 2. I opened a link to a Draft Report saying that man-made global warming once just a prediction is now upon us. The Report, dated  August 7, 2017 is from the New York Times.

About an hour later I visited my PC and the Drudge Report where I opened a story about how the NY Times’ August 7 article about the Draft Report had been 6 months late as the Draft Report had been online since January 2017. When my Scarborough weather data page introduced the Draft Report linked to the New York Times, I believed that the Draft Report was breaking news which as I eventually learned was untrue. I wondered how I could  not have known about the dire warnings of this 6 month old document especially when the U.S. administration had withdrawn from the Paris climate agreement in June and people like Mr. Gore who were opposed to America’s withdrawal from the climate accord had the overwhelming evidence in this scientific report that man was responsible for  earth’s record high temperatures and changing hurricane and rainfall patterns?

Science Squares

Last week women were marching; I assumed it was to demonstrate their aversion to President Trump.

An online header dated January 27, 2017 indicating that scientists were preparing to march as well presumably yo demonstrate disapproval of Republican President Trump’s unscientific opinions.

Whenever I see President Trump’s or his supporters’ outlook being condemned as unscientific I keep wondering why scientists keep squaring things. Maybe that’s why they rarely speak for themselves; they can’t square what they want to say.

Respectfully Defending Truthfulness

Since I’ve been looking for political and scientific analysis by those trained to know all I’ve been seeing is willful drivel by journalists appealing to the authority of experts/scientists or scholars. The U.K. online  pop journal “The Independent”, stalwarts of polite propriety  speaking for scientists as media often do address President Trump as “Donald Trump”


Donald Trump stopping US government scientists from speaking out publicly is ‘chilling’

The American Association for the Advancement of Science warns against ‘censorship and intimidation’